It is important to see things as they are, not as we want them to be. The phone call by President Trump is extremely significant. Not because he did anything wrong, he didn’t. Not because his concerns about the conduct of the election are wrong, they aren’t. The significance is that he made the call at all. If Trump believed this call was necessary, then he clearly is running out of options. Absent some truly bombshell evidence, then this is almost certainly over.

Every Democrat in the House will vote to accept the results of the electoral college and elect Joe Biden. They just voted to keep Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and she has made it her mission in life to get rid of Trump, at any cost. Republicans control the Senate but the usual RINO Republicans will never vote to reject the results of the electoral college. This means that while Wednesday will be extremely dramatic, the results is likely to confirm the election of Joe Biden.

That does not mean the end of America. It does not mean we will become a socialist nation. We will not become Venezuela. Joe Biden will be the very temporary resident of the White House and this remains government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Being elected President does not make someone President. To become the President of the United States, one must have the support of the American people.

Joe Biden will do significant damage. We must all prepare for that. But, in some respects, we should view this like we would a hurricane or a wildfire. Massive damage is inevitable, but so is recovery. This is a resilient country, and we are stronger than those who would destroy us. There are several things that are extremely important to remember. By any measure, Trump won the election in about 84% of the country. Joe Biden only won in places where Democratic are totally in control and he still required massive fraud. Those places all have something else in common. They are already disaster areas.

Democrats may think they are in charge, and they may temporarily occupy positions of authority, but they need us much more than we need them. All the resources necessary for them to exist come from the 84% of the country that voted to re-elect Donald Trump. The federal government has a lot of power, but that power is limited in significant ways. The government cannot force anyone to go into business. The government cannot force you to buy anything. The election of Joe Biden does not change that.

The COVID 19 virus gave the government the illusion of power. But much of this power was based on misinformation and alright falsehoods. They convinced people that COVID 19 is a deadly plague that must be stopped at all costs. But now we are experiencing the cost of those drastic measures at the same time we are confronted with the reality that these measures did not and will not stop COVID 19.

It is well documented that most people who get COVID 19 make a full and easy recovery. Even those who become seriously ill have a good chance of recovery. There are exceptions and they are often truly tragic, but they are still exceptions. That is why so many first responders and medical personnel are refusing to take the vaccine. At some point, and we may be very close to that point, more and more people are going to refuse to let COVID 19 dominate their life.

Everything on this planet moves in cycles. That includes political power. No one expects Joe Biden to be in office for more than one term. Few expect him to last four years. Kamala Harris was not elected by anyone, she has no following and zero leadership ability. Even Democrats are desperately looking around for the next leader and no one thinks Kamala Harris is that person.

Most Presidents get a 100-day honeymoon, where they have the power to change things. Donald Trump did not get that honeymoon, but he changed things anyway. Joe Biden won’t get that honeymoon because no one in either party believes in him. While he will nominate incapable people to important positions, even they won’t rely on him for leadership. His only value was in defeating Trump, and he didn’t do that, the corrupt Democratic machine did that. No matter what you hear Wednesday, every Democrat in congress knows that it was not Joe Biden who beat Donald Trump.

None of us are thrilled by the prospect of President Joe Biden, but those who put him there will pay a much higher price than those who fought to prevent this. After a disaster, and Joe Biden is guaranteed to be a disaster, the focus instantly turns toward finding someone to blame. Even the MSM, that hated Donald Trump, will turn on Joe Biden. As John Kennedy once said, “victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.” Joe Biden is headed toward the orphanage. He will take the Democratic Party along for the ride.

Fundamental change is necessary in this country. While Trump made good decisions and had good policies, the opposition to him prevented that change. Ironically, removing him from office, may be exactly what was needed to make that change possible. This type of change is always accompanied by a lot of pain. But change is already happening. Republicans, not Democrats won this election. Every Democrat in the House is already thinking about the 2022 election. Few, if any of them, will care about anything Joe Biden says or does. He has been elevated to the point of irrelevance.

It is a real shame that we must pay this high of a price to achieve this change but rejoice in the certain knowledge that better days are already on the way. Those who have sowed the wind will reap the whirlwind.


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