As recently as this week, this was headed toward Democrats steamrolling weak and passive Republicans into ignoring the facts, holding their nose, and voting for Joe Biden as President of the United States. The MSM has been screaming loudly that there is no evidence of voter fraud and anyone who even hints at this is guilty of treason. Sadly, some of the usual RINO Republican Senator suspects have joined the chorus. But one person has emerged as the exact kind of leader we need in a time of crisis. Ted Cruz said the following:

Ted Cruz explains how plan to oppose Electoral College certification is a ‘third option’ – Jaweb – Elmoudjaweb Canada


“Look, we’ve got to vote on January 6 on certification and every member of Congress faces a dilemma. Frankly, two pretty lousy choices: one, we can vote to certify by not considering any objection. If we do that that will be heard by a lot of Americans as saying, ‘We don’t think voter fraud is a real concern. We don’t think these claims should be investigated thoroughly,’” Cruz said.

“I know that’s not what most of us believe. But, secondly, and I think all of us, rightly, don’t want to be in a position where we’re suggesting setting aside the results of an election just because the candidate that we supported didn’t happen to prevail. That’s not a principled constitutional position,”

All the momentum is toward ignoring the evidence of fraud and just pretending it does not exist. But truth is a powerful thing. I am reminded that John Adams took on the defense of the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. I doubt that many lawyers ever had clients more unpopular than those British soldiers. But Adams silenced the court and the critics when he said the following:

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

The argument that there is no evidence of election fraud is absurd. There has always been election fraud. The question is whether this reached the level necessary to overturn the results of an election.

Next Wednesday there will be a debate between people screaming at the top of their lungs, opposed by people who will be presenting facts and evidence. I don’t think Mike Pence will allow this to go undebated, and I don’t think he will tolerate a screaming match. There will be a debate, and this will be watched by millions of people. Perhaps one of the most televised events in world history.

Ultimately, it depends on the quality of the facts and evidence. Up until now, no court has even allowed facts and evidence to be presented. The hearings held by State Legislatures came across as clown shows, easily dismissed.

This means two people are extremely important next Wednesday. One is Mike Pence, because he oversees this session of congress, and he makes the rules. While he must be fair and impartial, he does not have to yield to those screaming outrage with little regard to facts and evidence. The other is Ted Cruz, who is uniquely qualified to make the case for at least investigating election fraud to avoid making a terrible and irrevocable mistake. We should pray that Ted Cruz is designated to make the case before congress.

I cannot predict how this will end. But one should be reminded that Alan Dershowitz has often said that Ted Cruz was the most brilliant law student he ever encountered at Harvard. Ted Cruz led the team that won the national debate competition and has personally argued cases in front of the Supreme Court. No one, presenting the Democratic argument, has anyone approaching these credentials.

Perhaps screaming will prevail, but never bet against an eloquent attorney armed with facts and evidence. Facts, after all, are still very stubborn things.

Hold your breath.


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