The Majority Policy Committee of the Pennsylvania Senate held a hearing today in Gettysburg, PA. Rudy Giuliani was remarkable. He was not sweating; he is focused, and he is having an impact. The witnesses that testified were stunning. One witness alleges that there were 600,000 more absentee ballots received than were sent out. The senators appeared to be shocked and outraged. Frankly, some of them appear to be embarrassed that this would happen in their state on their watch.

Jenna Ellis explained to the Pennsylvania Senate that under the constitution the legislature is the final authority to select the electors. While they may have delegated that to the Secretary of State, they still have the final authority.

If the state legislature in Pennsylvania decides that the election results are illegal and selects their own electors, it will go off like a nuclear bomb. Some of the allegations being made in Pennsylvania happened in numerous other states.

Now imagine your self being a state legislator in other states, like Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona and you see the Pennsylvania legislature take such drastic action. Your phone is ringing off the hook by calls by pissed off voters demanding action. That would be the ultimate wake-up call and failure to act responsibly may impact your own political future.

We have never seen anything like this before. Like I have written many times before, 2020 is beyond weird. This would be an unprecedented action by a state legislature that has not happened since 1871. It would be remarkable, so it would be naïve to assume something this rare actually occurs. That does not mean, that this is not at least possible. The fact that they called this hearing is in and of itself remarkable.

My guess is that they will wait for the courts to decide, but if the courts do not act, I would not rule out this state legislature taking decisive action. The closing statement was remarkable by Doug Mastriano, who requested this hearing. He said that the priority must be that the person who won the election is declared the winner. I would not underestimate him. He is a combat veteran, who retired as a Colonel in 2017. He has a Doctorate in History from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He was the lead planner for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He deployed three times to Afghanistan  and was Director of the NATO Joint Intelligence Center in Afghanistan. He ended his career as a Professor of the U.S. Army War College and taught Strategic Strategies. This is a guy who doesn’t back down.

There is another story that may have more implications than anyone realizes. This one is here in California.


There has been massive fraud with EDD Checks. So far investigators have discovered over $400,000 in benefits paid to prisoners on death row, and millions more to other incarcerated individuals.  Nine district attorneys and a federal prosecutor are alleging massive unemployment fraud in jails and prisons throughout California. In the meantime, millions of law-abiding citizens, desperate for help, still haven’t received their EDD checks because of delays. Some estimate the final cost to approach $1 billion. It does not get any worse than this. Cottie Petri-Norris, a Democrat and chair of the state’s Accountability and Administration review committee said the ineptitude at EDD knows now bounds. Hmm. Isn’t it her job to prevent things like this from happening?

This story has gone nuclear, but no one is mentioning the obvious. If the State of California cannot even process EDD checks, without mucking things up this bad, why would anyone trust them to count mail-in ballots. There is zero excuse for this. This casts serious doubts about the entire State Government, which happens to be run totally by Democrats. Governor Newsom, already in trouble for his dinner at the French Laundry, will be lucky if he avoids being recalled.

People are sick and tired of being lied to and equally tired of arrogant and incompetent people trying to micromanage their lives. No matter who wins (steals) this presidential election, there has already been a fundamental change in this country. While I hope and pray Trump finds a way to win, even if he loses, the biggest losers will be the mainstream media, the Democratic Party and Democrats who are grossly mismanaging blue states.

Perhaps the person at greatest risk is Joe Biden. If he becomes President of the United States, he is guaranteed to muck things up. When he does, if you combine that with about 70 million people convinced, he stole the election, that is a worst-case scenario. His dream of people coming together exists only in his own delusional mind. This is unlikely to end well, for anyone, but Joe Biden may pay the highest price of all.

In the meantime, the Punch and Judy show today was spectacular. At a minimum, some people who have been ignoring this, to their peril, may start to pay attention. If the mainstream media starts actually investigating this, instead of ignoring the obvious, that could change everything. Even the most biased reporter in the MSM must realize if they miss this story, they are toast.


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  1. Spot on. In California on the day after the election, November 4, there is video of election officials emptying what appears to be thousands of ballots out of a ballot drop box In Reseda at 11:30 in the morning. I’ve always wondered, how on earth can the media call California at exactly 8 PM Pacific time when the polls close? They haven’t even started counting them from what I was told. I smell a rat.

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