I watched the Rudy Giuliani press conference today. It was remarkable. He made a compelling case for wide-spread voter fraud and at least some of the reporters in that room realized that. He pushed back strongly against the argument that there is no evidence of fraud. However, he was also a hot mess, literally, and sweated so much his hair dye started streaking down his face. He also said a lot of things that did not need to be said and that makes it easier for the MSM to continue ignoring this. For example, his attacks on Democrats as inherently corrupt, although accurate, merely distracted from the seriousness of the evidence he was presenting.

The case described by Rudy is probably not enough to get the Supreme Court to overturn an election. It is naïve to expect them to reject 600,000 ballots. Andrew McCarthy a sharp former federal prosecutor pointed out, correctly, that the courts will be unlikely to overturn this election, but he missed something important. The Supreme Court could send this down to the State Legislature to decide.

The strongest case for Trump may be the data which shows results, nationwide, that are mathematically impossible. He may get decisions that would overturn both Michigan and Pennsylvania and that could win the election. But even the odds of those two states being reversed is not high.

Prior to this news conference, approximately 70% of the people who voted for Trump believed this election was stolen. After this news conference that has probably increased to nearly 100%. The truth is going to come out, the only question is whether it will be in time to change the results of this election. The charges made by Rudy Giuliani are extremely serious and cannot be ignored. A responsible MSM would immediately investigate this because the worst-case scenario is if this is proven after Biden has been sworn into office. But their hatred for Donald Trump means they almost certainly will refuse to cover this story at all and continue to pretend there is no evidence.

One thing is clear, Rudy Giuliani is the wrong spokesman for this case. He is a good attorney and he clearly understands the law and the rules of evidence. He would be far more effective in front of a jury than his critics realize. But this case is headed to the Supreme Court and that requires a very different skill set. Ted Cruz has exactly that level of experience and ability. He has successfully argued cases in front of the Supreme Court and even people who hate him respect his knowledge of the constitution. I remember once when Eric Holder, in response to a question from Ted Cruz, said that he would never question Ted Cruz’s knowledge of the constitution. If Trump wants to win this, he needs to turn this over to Ted Cruz or someone else with similar experience and capability. It is time to put this case on Cruz control.

Do not give up hope. Despite the obviously widespread fraud, Democrats lost this election. They may or may not put Biden in the White House, but they lost everything else. There were 27 House races considered to be toss-ups by the pollsters. The GOP won all 27.  At best, they succeeded only in electing an incompetent 77-year-old racist crook to be President of the United States. Buyers remorse is right around the corner. Prepare for anything. We recently stocked up, again, on toilet paper. Just saying!


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