In a lot of cases, really big criminals are caught because of inside information provided by less powerful associates. The process is the same. A small guy is caught and faced with a criminal conviction and a long prison sentence. That person decides that he or she has more to fear from the feds than from fellow criminals. That is why the Witness Protection program exists. It is how Rudy Giuliani helped destroy the Mafia in New York.

At one point he had 350 FBI agents and 100 New York Police detectives investigating the mob. He used court authorized wire taps. In February 1985 Giuliani convinced a federal grand jury to indict Bonnano family boss Phil Rastelli, capo Anthony Indelicato; Colombo boss Carmine Persico and member Ralph Scopo; Gambino boss Paul Castellano; Genovese Boss Anthony Salerno and member Gennaro Langella; Lucchese boss Anthony Corallo, underboss Salvatore Santoro and consigliere Christopher Funari. Giuliani assigned Michael Chertoff to take the case to trial. The government called 207 witnesses. The Mafi was defeated in New York.

Giuliani also prosecuted cases of alleged insider trading on Wall street and corruption in New York political circles. This record is why Giuliani was elected Mayor of New York in 1993 and re-elected in 1997. It is very easy for people unfamiliar with this record to underestimate Rudy Giuliani.

There are hints that the Trump administration and specifically the DOJ took pre-emptive action regarding expected fraud during the Presidential election.

On May 22, 2020, a former Philadelphia election official, Domenick J. DeMuro, plead guilty to taking bribes in exchange for stuffing ballot boxes for Democrats between 2014 and 2016.

On July 23, 2020 former Democratic congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers was charged with conspiracy to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing ballot boxes. It appears as though some of the information used to indict Myers came from DeMuro. DeMuro was responsible for overseeing the entire election process and all other voter activities of his division in accord with federal and state election laws.

Now throw in the resignation of Richard C. Pilgar when Attorney General William Barr directed U.S. Attorneys to proceed with indictments, if they had the potential to impact a federal election, before the vote was certified. It sure looks like Pilgar knew there was evidence he just wanted to wait until the election was certified so it no longer mattered.

This means the DOJ knew how the system worked in Philadelphia long before the election. It not only knew where the bodies were buried it knew how they were buried. It seems logical that DeMuro was confronted with a case that resulted in him pleading guilty because people lower than him made a deal. Then it appears that when DeMuro plead guilty, he was providing information on people higher than him, including Michael “Ozzie” Myers. The point being that things have been going on, they have already been effective and what we know publicly may just be scratching the surface.

On October 1,2020 computer thumb drives used to program Philadelphia voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse along with the laptop of an employee from the machines’ manufacture. Here is the statement by Katina Granger, of Elections Systems & Software of Omaha Nebraska, who manufactured the machines:

“Granger said she was not able to address specifics about the stolen USB drives, including how many were taken and what was on them. Custodio did not answer emailed questions, including whether any of the 3,750 ExpressVote XL touchscreen ballot-marking devices used by the city might have been affected.”

Read the comments by election security expert Eddie Perize of the OSET Institute:

“This is supposed to be a secured facility,” he said, “and apparently neither the county nor the election vendor adequately protected these sensitive assets. Why not?”

“It is very, very common that a USB stick has a wealth of information that is related not only to the configuration of the election and its ballot — and the behavior of the voting device — but also internal system data used to validate the election,” said Perez. “In principle, someone possessing the information on one of these USBs could disrupt the opening and closing of the devices in polling places. They could disrupt how ballots are displayed on the screen and they could potentially disrupt counting votes on those ballots.”

Still think there is no hint of voter fraud during this election? Still think that Rudy Giuliani is a senile old man consumed with unfounded conspiracy theories? Still think the DOJ does not have any evidence of voter fraud? Still think that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are delusional? That is what the mainstream media wants you to think.

Who do you believe, the people who have been lying to you on a daily basis for the last four years or your lying eyes?


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