The mainstream media wants you to believe that the election is over, and Donald Trump is on his way out. Some of the usual RINO Republican suspects, like Karl Rove, have joined in the chorus. But while one should avoid false hope, one should also avoid deliberate misinformation. If you write anything on Twitter or Facebook questioning the election, they will automatically add the following disclaimer:

Voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the US, election experts confirm

With ballot counting continuing and the presidential race being called for Joe Biden, experts and officials say there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 US election. The election process is secure and voter fraud of any type is incredibly rare according to The Associated Press and Reuters. Officials and experts warn that the most interference in US elections, whether from foreign or domestic players, comes in the form of misinformation campaigns, many of which are intended to create distrust in the US’s electoral process.

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What you need to know

-Voter fraud of any type is incredibly rare in the US, according to the Associate Press and Reuters

-US Officials say that the 2020 US election will be more secure than the 2015 US presidential election

-US officials confirm that foreign governments are trying to influence the US election, but that foreign governments’ interference is mostly relegated to launching -misinformation campaigns.

-Experts say US elections are ‘resilient’

Here’s the good news, none of this is accurate and lacks any factual foundation. Voter Fraud is not incredibly rare, it is just rarely prosecuted. There have been a lot of prosecutions this year. This is far more common that police shooting innocent black men.

If you listen to the mainstream media, including FOX, then Trump needs to find hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots and prove they are fraudulent. By that standard, he would be guaranteed to lose. There is simply not enough time.

The problem has been made worse by some silly and amateur attempts to prove voter fraud that quickly went viral. At least some of these were quickly discredited. But there are some very serious people looking at this and we have yet to hear from them.

There are allegations that Dominion voting machines switched votes from Biden to Trump. There is already evidence, from the statistically impossible results, that this happened. But there are also reports that hundreds of highly skilled IT with knowledge of the system working 24/7 to verify this and prove the results.

The clock is ticking. Although the official date is December 14th, everyone realizes we are running out of time. The real question here is whether the Trump administration can present evidence to the Supreme Court that will result in a decision to overturn the results of a national election. If they do that, there is not enough time to redo the election. That would effectively place the responsibility for the results on the State Legislatures. The result would be an immediate and loud constitutional crisis. That would be particularly true if this were a 5/4 decision. That means the Trump administration needs to present a case that cannot be ignored.

They may have more of a case than anyone realizes. There is no doubt that in Pennsylvania the election officials deliberately ignored orders by the court to preserve evidence. Even if the Supreme Court does not overturn this election, they are extremely likely to demand specific standards for future federal elections so that this never happens again.

This is impossible to predict, but if Trump has compelling evidence of systemic fraud using a voting system in multiple states, that is going to be very difficult for the Supreme Court to ignore. This evidence must be beyond convincing; it must be both undisputable and the volume must be overwhelming. But if Sidney Powell is right, they may have exactly that.

Trump is not about to ask me what to do, but here is what I would do. I would hold a press conference. I would have Sidney Powell or Lin Wood present the evidence. I would provide a copy to the entire media. Then I would look them in the eye and say every person in this country has a vested interest in a fair and honest election. If you think this information is incorrect, prove me wrong. Then I would walk away.

The result would be a mad dash by the MSM to prove Trump wrong. That just might be exactly what is needed to prove him right. At least, for the first time, the MSM would be asking the right questions.

One way or the other it is time to make this over and out.


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