One of the attorneys representing Donald J. Trump is Lucian Lincoln (Lin) Wood, Jr. If you watched the movie, Richard Jewell, Lin Wood was the attorney who took on his case. This resulted in the exoneration of Richard Jewell, but only after the mainstream media had destroyed his life.

There is an extremely important element of this story. The movie portrayed Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Kathy Scruggs as appearing to offer sex in exchange for information about the case from an FBI agent.

Lin Wood responded with outrage. He said he had been involved in that case for over 16 years and he tried to find dirt on Scruggs. He noted, if he had found dirt, he would have used it. He said there was no evidence to support a storyline that Ms. Scruggs traded sex for tips about Richard Jewell. He said he never made such a false and damning claim. This is a man who simply does not make up evidence.

Today Lin Wood said that the Dominion system was used to steal the election for Joe Biden. He also said this was assisted with hacking by Communist China. He then said that Biden, Obama, & Hillary & Bill Clinton have been caught in a plot to steal the election. That is an extremely serious charge, from someone with a history of not making serious charges without evidence. He also said that soon, no objective fair minded person will be able to deny massive fraud perpetuated in planned coordinated scheme to steal our Presidency. He also listed CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Atlantic, Mother Joes, etc. as co-conspirators.

You can check this out yourself on Twitter @LLinwood.  There are only two possibilities here. Either Lin Wood is delusional, or he has the facts to back up his claim. There is no middle ground here.


There is more. Lt. General McInerney stated that Democrats are either cheating or powers above them are cheating on their behalf. He went on to describe “Hammer” and “Scorecard” programs designed by the CIA but allegedly taken over for personal reasons by the deep state.

“Hammer” is a counter-intelligence surveillance programs used to spy on activities on protected networks without detection.

“Scorecard” is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs.

McInerney is in a position to know about these programs. He is either telling the truth or making up an incredible story. Before you dismiss this theory, the software in question was exposed by Dennis Montgomery a CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI whistleblower. He allegedly told FBI Director James Comey, that Obama’s CIA Director Brennan and DNI James claims had turned Hammer into a domestic surveillance system.

Here is a link to an article about this story, published on May 22, 2019. Again, this is either true or this person is delusional.


Here is the reality of the situation. Whatever else Dennis Montgomery is, he is clearly a genius. There are certain to be more people like him. There are reports of hundreds of IT professionals pouring through data to try and document what really happened during this election. At least some of the people were involved in designing the programs being evaluated. These guys are beyond brilliant and it appears they not only know where the bodies are buried, they know how they got buried.

I have previously pointed out that fraud on this level would at some point leave a trail of evidence. This is just too large, too obvious and involved too many people. This is also the double-edge sword of mail-in-voting. You can’t mail a ballot to someone without have their information on file. That information is kept on a data base and people have gained access to that database. In addition, every mail-in ballot arrives in an envelope and a data base reports on every ballot that was received and who sent it. This means for the first time in our nation’s history, we have a record of who voted. Inadvertently the Democrat’s attempt to steal this election through systemic fraud enabled by nationwide mail-in voting may have instead documented their diabolical plot.

On March 19, 2017, Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney discussed “Hammer” during a broadcast with Dr. Dave Janda. Two days later, Strzok and Page discussed this during text messages. On March 20, 2017, James Comey announcec the Russian Collusion investigation. Coincidence? On May 13, 2019, U.S. Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham, U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to explore the origins of the Trump Russia collusion investigation. Many people wanted that report released before the election. What if the reason for delay was to allow people to incriminate themselves?

I do not know. All of this is hard to believe. But it is also hard to believe that 74 million Americans were dumb enough to vote for Joe Biden. Sadly, what is all too easy to believe, is that the leaders of the DNC are absolutely capable of doing this. So are the people in the mainstream media who have been deliberately lying to you. If you will impeach a President of the United States and try to remove him from office for something that was not close to a crime, there is no limit to what you will do to try and gain power.



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