Honk If You Love Jesus!

Many years ago, my parents, devout Baptists, saw a car with a “Honk If You Love Jesus!” Bumper sticker. So, wanting to show support, they honked their horn. The driver, probably driving his parent’s car, rolled down his window and flipped them the bird. That is one of the problems with honking horns. It is sometime difficult, if not impossible, to figure out what someone is trying to say. In every case, regardless of intent, horns are by design loud, rude, and disruptive.

Barrack Obama and Joe Biden had lately resorted to “drive-in” rallies. These are perfect for several reasons. One is that it guarantees social distancing. Another is that it doesn’t take many cars to look like a huge crowd. But more important, a few people honking their horns can sound loud. Today Obama interpreted this as enthusiastic support. Maybe that was true, but mostly it was loud and rude. Some estimate he drew a huge crowd of close to 70 people.

Trump on the other hand, drew an enormous crowd in Waukesha. That is more significant than you think. Wisconsin is going through another COVID 19 surge, but people showed up anyway. I noticed the way people were dressed and the crowd was all bundled up. Except Trump. Trump was wearing a suit and gloves, but no hat, no scarf etc. So, I checked the weather, and it was at best in the low 30s at that time approaching freezing. Trump was on his game and looked energized, so did the crowd.

All over the world, there are signs that people are done with all the lockdowns and the masks. COVID 19 is surging in Europe and this time people are fighting back against restrictions. Even the WHO said the lockdowns did not work and did more harm than good. I believe we are seeing a world-wide case of cabin fever and people ignore that to their peril.

Did you notice something in your neighborhood? Halloween decorations are up big time. I was at Home Depot yesterday, and they are completely sold out. They are already gearing up for Christmas and it looks like Christmas decorations are flying off the shelves. I believe that people are desperate for a return to normal. In the meantime, Biden is promising a dark winter where we all hunker down in fear of COVID. A winter, by the way, where we don’t have natural gas or electricity because it is more important to protect against Global Warming. Trying to explain global warming to people in Wisconsin who have been waiting in 30-degree weather to catch a glimpse of Trump’s shadow.

Trump is the master at figuring out what is important to Americans. He doesn’t rely on professional staff; he just trusts his own instincts. His instincts are that people are sick and tired of being dominated by fear. They are tired of lockdowns, tired of restrictions and tired of masks. People are even more tired of being arrogantly lectured by people who inflicted all these draconian measures on us, that obviously did not work. When Trump questions Dr. Fauci, the MSM missed the reality that a lot of people no longer want to see every decision based on Dr. Fauci’s latest scheme to defeat COVID 19. That would be the same Dr. Fauci who has been so wrong so many times before. The same Dr. Fauci who says we may be able to stop wearing masks in 2022. Do you really want to see 2021 as a repeat of 2020? Like I said, a worldwide case of cabin fever.

Notice something else. While some local news broadcasters are still wearing masks, most aren’t. Six weeks ago, they were all wearing masks. Today, not so much. The reason is beyond obvious. Masks suck. They are uncomfortable. They make it hard to breathe. They make it hard to understand the person talking. People talking in a mask look and sound silly.

If you watch football, the coaches’ claw at their masks when they want to make a point. Perhaps if you’re a liberal reading this, you think masks are a sign of putting other people ahead of yourself. That is not the way I view them. I view them as a meaningless gesture that has almost zero impact on stopping the spread of COVID 19. I view them as silly. I view them as evidence of meaningless government over-reach.

Washing your hands, yes, Social distancing, yes. Self-isolation if you catch COVID 19, yes. Protecting senior citizens, particularly in nursing homes, yes. But huddling down in our homes in fear of COVID and wearing a mask while driving alone in our car, not so much.

Trump did something else in Waukesha and it may be the most important thing of all. He pointed out the obvious truth that if you test a million of people a day you are going to get more positive tests. That does not mean the disease is spreading faster, it just means we are testing more people. Then he pointed out that Doctors and hospitals get more money if they treat a COVID patient and that impacts the COVID death count. He pointed out that Europe does not count deaths the same way. He pointed out the brutal truth that some people were going to die anyway and COVID is not necessarily what killed them.  A lot of us already knew this, but Trump saying this during a rally, may really change the narrative. The MSM will desperately try to prove him wrong and ultimately may prove him spot on.

That brings me back to the “Honk If you Love Jesus” bumper sticker. That is primarily a funny story. But it is more than that. If you do love Jesus, don’t honk. That’s just rude. Just make sure you vote. About 80% of evangelical Christians support Trump. If a high percentage of them show up on election day, then you can honk for four more years.


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  1. As usual, I consider your comments spot on. In this case I think you are wrong about the effectiveness of masks. DrFauchi already pointed out that masks are to protect others from your own moisture laden droplets possibly containing Covid. They do practically nothing to protect you from non mask wearing others!!

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