The Presidential debate last night was fun to watch. The mute button may even have helped. The moderator, although more likely to interrupt Trump than Biden, was even-handed. Predictably all the DNC pundits are saying Biden won and all the RNC pundits are saying Trump won. Obviously, they can’t both be right. It is easy for anyone watching to know how they really felt about things. The DNC pundits were straining to show why Biden won. Some even admitted Trump had a good night, but it didn’t matter because he was so far behind in the polls, He had to hit a homerun and he failed. But the RNC pundits were clearly over-joyed. They were grinning from ear to ear having trouble restraining themselves. Based on that alone, it is obvious that Trump won big time.

We really don’t know who wins any debate for a couple of days. But we already know Biden made some major mistakes. While he did hammer Trump about his tax returns, Democrats have been doing that for years and no one cares. Trump gave his traditional dodgy answer, but again no one cares. But Trump challenged Biden regarding influence peddling, and he struck several body blows. Biden tried to blame this on Russian interference and Trump just laughed at him. Biden did not deny that those emails were legitimate.  Instead he just lied and said he never accepted any money from a foreign government. That is probably true, but he sure accepted money from foreign business firms connected to the government.

One big moment was when Trump said Biden referred to some members of the black community as “super predators.”  It has been reported that this was one of the biggest search items on google, during and after the debate. Biden didn’t actually use the term “super predators.” MSN predictably pointed that out in this article, but they documented that what Biden said was bad and that Hillary Clinton did call them “super predators “:


We have predators on our streets that society has in fact, in part because of its neglect, created. They are beyond the pale many of those people, beyond the pale.

“It’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society.”

It was former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who used the term “super predators” when discussing an “organized effort against gangs.”

“Just as in a previous generation, we had an organized effort against the mob. We need to take these people on. They are often connected to big drug cartels. They are not just gangs of kids anymore,” she said, speaking in 1996 and discussing the 1994 bill, which was signed by her husband Bill Clinton.

The second biggest search item was “anti-fracking or ban fracking.” That search will instantly prove that Biden lied when he false claimed he never promised to ban fracking. In addition, when he said he wanted to “transition away from oil and gas, the moderator herself was clearly shocked.

There were also times when Biden was clearly frustrated and had difficulty answering questions. After the debate, someone picked up an enormous pad of what appeared to be notes off the podium Biden used.

The bottom line is that Biden lost big time. His facial expressions and snide comments were a lot of things, but Presidential is not on the list. Trump, on the other hand, looks very professional. He was calm and focused. Also, Trump looked a lot healthier than Biden.

A lot of people have already voted, but a majority have not. I think this debate really hurt Joe Biden. I also think the polls have been all wrong and that Trump was already leading in the battleground states. His campaign sure acts like their internal polls show them winning. If anything, this debate is likely to turn what was already a decisive victory into a landslide of historic proportions. Few, people, other than those who want to drive electric cars while sipping KoolAid listening to CNN, want to live in a world without oil or gas. Biden gave everyone a clear vision of a Biden-Harris administration when he said we are about to go into a dark winter. Few people want a leader who promises only a dark winter with no convincing plans for a different result.

Combine this with the emergence of Tony Bobulinski with what looks like solid evidence of corruption by Joe Biden along with the release of daily e-mails bombs from Rudy & Co and you have a perfect storm. If Democrats are not terrified it is only because they are too blinded by Trump derangement syndrome to see reality.

Someone else lost big-time last night, Nancy Pelosi. The moderator asked Biden why, as leader of the party, he didn’t push Nancy to pass the stimulus. Biden tried to spin that away, but the fact that she even asked that question is huge. It was the moderator, a liberal Democrat, telling the world what she thought of Nancy Pelosi.

Perhaps Democrats will still find a way to steal this election. Perhaps all those early voters really were stupid enough to vote for Joe Biden. We will soon know, but my hunch is that the smart money is on Donald Trump winning and winning big.




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