The news media in this country has reached an all-time low. For a long time, the bias in the MSM has been all too obvious. Ninety Two percent of the coverage is negative about Donald Trump, although to me it seems higher than that. But at least they pretended to report the news. Now we have the MSM unified in not reporting what is beyond obvious.  It is shocking and embarrassing to see news outlet report that the Hunter Biden emails are possibly a Russian disinformation scheme. That is so mind-numbingly stupid that it is hard to believe any responsible adult would repeat it. Then I remember aht people like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon still have jobs. The sad reality is that no responsible adult would repeat this idiot theory, but the MSM doesn’t have any responsible adults.

What makes this worse is the seriousness of the situation. Those emails are evidence of systemic corruption by the former VP and current Democratic nominee for President of the United States. How could any news organization on this planet fail to realize the urgent need to report on this? Frankly, even Joe Biden would benefit from honest reporting. The worse case scenario for him and the country is that this all comes out after he has won the election. Talk about the ultimate constitutional crisis.

The story is remarkable simple and incredibly believable. Hunter Biden left a laptop at a repair shop, and never bothered to pick it up. After it was abandoned, the repair man looked at what was on the laptop and was horrified. He contacted the FBI. This was late last year. The FBI ignored it, then showed up a couple of weeks later with a subpoena. Then, it appears, they did nothing. But the repair man had made a copy of the hard drive. He was so upset that the FBI was doing nothing, that he contacted some Republican congressmen. They did nothing either. Finally, in desperation, he contacted the lawyer for Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani knew what to do. He turned over a copy of the hard drive to the New York Post and they ran a story on what they found. The New York Post is the oldest newspaper in the U.S., and this should have made the story impossible to ignore. Does anyone really believe the Russians are remotely capable of pulling this off?

But we underestimated the integrity of the MSM. They are absolutely refusing to run with the story at all. Instead they are dismissing this as Russian misinformation, with absolutely zero evidence. Not only is there zero evidence of Russian disinformation, but the theory also itself is beyond absurd. It would be more credible to blame this on Martians, the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot. But they wanted to believe, so they did and incredibly they reported utter nonsense to avoid reporting on what was on those tapes.

This will go down as one of the greatest scandals in American history. The question is not whether but when the MSM will figure that out. History will not be kind to the MSM of today. I strongly believe that even the MSM knows this story is true and that it is important. Sadly, they don’t care. They hate Donald Trump so much that they would rather see a 77-year-old senile incompetent crook elected President rather than seem Donald Trump re-elected. They want to run out the clock, in a desperate hope that somehow Biden can still pull this off.

I don’t think this will work. I pray this will not work. It is nauseating to imagine what this country will look like if voters make this mistake. For the first time in my life, I literally think our freedom and democracy is at stake. I was horrified when Clinton was elected, and he lived down to my expectations. I was shocked when Barack Obama was elected, and he also was exactly as bad as I feared.  But this time it is different. This time if Biden is elected, I fear the country can never recover. The radical left of the Democratic Party is desperate to obtain absolute power and they have demonstrated total disregard for democracy or freedom of expression.  As Lindsey Graham said during the Kavanaugh hearings, they are beyond desperate for power and heaven help us if they achieve it.

The good news is that they may not win this election. So far, early voting favors Republicans. It is Trump who is drawing enormous crowds, and Biden who can’t fill a phone booth. It would be naïve to think that those who will wait 9 hours in a freezing rain to catch a glimpse of his shadow will not turn out to vote. It would be even more naïve to think that those who won’t cross the street to hear Biden are desperate to vote. They hate Trump enough, but hatred is not necessary enough motivation.

We all need to make sure we vote and spend a lot of time in prayer. If Biden wins this election, we all lose. But other than the notoriously inaccurate media polls, which have been wrong on every election in this century, there is no evidence Biden will win. The massive mail-in voting does not appear to be achieving the desired goal of helping Democrats steal this election. There is zero credible evidence that Biden is close to winning.

We will soon know. I frankly think the Hunter Biden email story is about to go nuclear in the MSM because it is increasingly difficult to ignore. I call this the NBA syndrome. The idiots running the NBA went all in on Black Live Matter and Lebron James. That was a huge mistake. The viewership of the NBA finals was down 70%. These people may be hopelessly prejudiced, but they are not actually stupid. Greedy yes, but stupid, no. If no one watches and no one goes to games, they can’t possibly make money. Ultimately, that is all they really care about. The NBA has already announced that the social justice nonsense will not be on display next year. Wise decision, but likely too late to matter.

So, while you are sitting there, watching this in utter disbelief and horror, remember one thing. The best way to judge how people are really responding to anything is how they act. All over the country people are showing up in spontaneous Trump rallies. Have you seen any spontaneous Biden rallies. I rest my case.

So far, early voting shows Republicans showing up in droves. Yes, people are social distancing and wearing masks, but they are sick and tired of this crap. The minute restrictions are lifted, people are showing up in-mass to go out to bars and restaurants. They are voting with their feet and November 3; they are very likely to vote for real. I suspect that Trump is going to win re-election by a margin that will shock the world. Everything, other than the notorious MSM polls points in the same direction. The only thing we must fear is fear itself. Fear that the American people really are this stupid. But each of you know the American people and while there are some people exactly this stupid, thankfully they are in the minority. This will soon be over. Until then, just hold your breath, but when you can breathe again, I predict will be will with an enormous sigh of relief.


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  1. Totally agree with the entire BLOG. Could never make myself think that all the country takes a STUPID pill every morning. Trump prevails big.

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