The emails produced by the Hunter Biden laptop are beyond explosive. There are a game changer and everyone who supports Biden knows that. You also know that by the way they are responding. Other than Fox News, the MSM appears to be ignoring this. CNN didn’t even acknowledge the New York Post report. Twitter and Facebook have blocked anyone from spreading this. They are desperate to squelch this story, which is evidence they know how damaging this is to the Biden-Harris campaign.

It appears that Hunter Biden took a laptop in for repair and never picked it up. The owner of the repair shop was very concerned by what he was seeing. Apparently, there are over 40,000 emails on that, along with some graphic videos of Hunter Biden. He turned it into the FBI last November. They did an evaluation of the laptop and then returned to confiscate it. But he had made a copy of the hard drive. He was concerned because no one seemed to be doing anything, so he contacted several members of congress. They didn’t do anything either. Then, in September, he contacted Rudy Giuliani’s attorney. Giuliani gave it to the New York Post which ran a major story on this. In addition, Giuliani has obviously turned over copies of those emails to other people, probably including Fox News.




If you search for this article on Bing, you will only find articles trying to discredit this. Google, however, will take you to the articles. This has been blocked from being shared on Facebook and on Twitter. A lot of people are desperate to discredit this report. The following is from Business Insider.


Note how they say this story had dubious allegations about Joe Biden’s son. They question the source. But so far no one has denied that those emails are legitimate. The Biden campaign did say that the Ukrainian meeting was not on Biden’s official schedule. This is a non-denial denial which may mean the meeting did take place. One big problem is that this is very consistent with reporting from a lot of other sources. Rather than being a new poorly sourced conspiracy theory, this may just be smoking gun evidence supporting information received from other sources. Incredibly, the President of the United States was literally impeached by Democrats in the House because he dared ask about this story during a phone call with the President of Ukraine.

There is also the famous video where Biden brags about forcing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor or they wouldn’t get the $1 billion in U.S. aid. This story is far from being discredited; the only thing being discredited is the failure of the MSM to report on this.

They are still trying to bury this, but that may not be possible. It had been shared millions of times before Facebook tried to block it. The New York Post was established in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton. It is a Daily Tabloid but is also recognized as a credible source. Even the LA Times admitted that the New York Post article put Twitter and Facebook between a rock and a hard place.


MSNBC and The La Times try, and fail, to dismiss this as “misinformation.” Of course, their definition of “misinformation” is anything with which they disagree. But this article makes a stunning admission:

As Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) pointedly noted, Facebook and Twitter freely spread links to the BuzzFeed story in 2016 that revealed the contents of a notorious dossier of wild and damaging allegations about then-candidate Donald Trump. The dossier has always seemed sketchy, which is why many news organizations decided not to publish its contents. We have since learned that the primary source for the dossier’s author was someone suspected of being a Russian spy.

This is an admission that the entire Russian collusion story was a hoax, yet it was allowed to spread like wildfire on social media. The hypocrisy is obvious even to MSNBC and the LA Times.

I don’t think there is any chance this story can be suppressed. Trump is likely to talk about it in his Town Hall meeting on NBC tonight. If Joe Biden shows up for his Town Hall meeting on ABC, he may be asked about this. Kamala Harris is already in self-isolation because one of her staff members tested positive for COVID 19. It would not be a reach for Biden to self-isolate for the same reason. He literally wore two face masks at a recent event. If he does show up and asked about this, he is likely to become angry and call this discredited. That would be a huge mistake.

This just may go down as the most explosive October surprise ever. I already believe Trump is on the way to a landslide. This could turn a landslide into an across the board wipe-out of historic proportions. One thing is sure, the Swamp is terrified, and we are about to be inundated with Swamp gas. But sometimes, gas explodes.


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