Do you trust the MSM? Are you terrified about climate change? Are you in favor of eliminating fossil fuels? Do you want a repeal of the Trump tax cuts? Do you want to see more Supreme Court justices like Ginsburg, Sotomayor or Kagin? Do you want more liberal judges added to the Supreme Court until they outnumber conservatives? Do you want to make D.C. a state? Do you want to defund the police? Do you want to see another nationwide shut down?  Do you want Medicare for all? Do you want to have a nationwide requirement to wear a mask? Do you support people protesting and rioting every time a police officer shoots a black person, without regard to the facts? Do you want Joe Biden to be the Commander in Chief during a confrontation with Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, or anyone else? Do you think Kamala Harris is capable of being President of the United States?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are probably a Democrat. Approximately 30% of the country is currently registered as a Democrat. They trust the news 65% of the time. If you listen to the MSM and the polls conducted by them, then most Americans believe all the above. They are prepared to vote for Joe Biden in a potential landslide. You can trust them because they absolutely nailed it during the 2016 election.

However, a couple of things might give you pause. Like the fact that the recent Biden-Harris joint appearance was in front of about 8 people. Even then, with hand-picked reporters, one of them asked Joe if he was going to stack the Supreme Court and he said you’ll have to wait until after the election. Trump will guest host with Rush Limbaugh today and may just reach about 30 million people. He will start campaigning again next week and he will draw enormous crowds who will wait in line for days just to catch a glimpse of his shadow. All over the country there are Trump parades, including boat parades, organized spontaneously by Trump supporters. When Biden does show up, anywhere, he usually draws more Trump supporters than Biden supporters. Trump will grin and say: “I survived COVID and so can you.” Joe will continue hiding behind his mask. Are you imagining this or is this real?

When Biden puts on a virtual event, he draws a miniscule audience. That is why his campaign was truly shocked when Trump rejected the virtual town hall. No Trump, no audience. Biden can put on his own Town Hall, but who will be watching? Would you want to pay for advertising for that event? Wanna bet that ABC is already begging for a change in the rules so that Trump will show up. They may hate Trump, but they love making money.

You own a restaurant or a bar or a barbershop or a nail salon or you work for someone else who owns this type of small business. If Joe Biden is elected President, what are the odds of you still being in business or even having a job in six months. If Biden is elected when do you think you can attend a sporting event again? 2021? 2022? When will you be able to go to church, or a concert or even a movie?  How long before you can stop wearing a mask?

You see the pictures of the rioting all over the country. Now spreading to the suburbs. Soon coming to a place near you. Police are standing down, because if they injure someone it is the police who will be prosecuted. You go to buy a gun. Then you realize that Biden is going to put Beto O’Rourke as his gun control czar. Soon, no one will have guns, except criminals. Criminals will always have guns because they don’t care if they are legal or not. But don’t worry, Biden will protect you!

Democrats want to get rid of gas fueled cars by 2035. How are they going to do that? One way is to discourage people from driving gas cars. Here’s an idea. Let’s end fracking and block any new drilling. Gas prices will soar. Problem solved. People will willingly give up gas cars because they won’t be able to afford buying gas.

The same polls that show Biden winning, show Trump getting 26% of the black vote. Hillary got 90% of the black vote and still lost.  How do you explain that? There are similar reports about Trump getting a high percentage of the Hispanic vote. How is Joe Biden going to win if that happens? Trump nominated Amy Cony Barrett to the Supreme Court. Democrats are trashing her because she is Catholic. Are there any other Catholics in this country who might be offended by that? There are reports that Joe Biden just released an ad appealing to Muslims to protest police. How do you think people will react to that?

Nancy Pelosi is proposing legislation to setup a commission to evaluate if Trump is physically and mentally fit for office. Do you think Joe Biden could pass such an exam? Trump responded by having Dr. Marc Siegel give him a medical exam live during Tucker Carlson tonight. We can be sure that both Trump and Dr. Siegel will emerge smiling at the results. This will show the world how urgent it is to take medical advice from Nancy Pelosi.

I know what I see. What do you see? From where I sit everything points toward Donald Trump having a really big day on November 3. He doesn’t even bother to run ads in Ohio and Iowa anymore because his internal polls show him with an insurmountable lead. Meanwhile Biden is campaigning in Nevada, which should be a cakewalk for a Democrat. Gallop reports that 56% of people say they are better off today than they were four years ago. That is the highest level ever recorded. How many of them will vote for someone like Biden, who is almost guaranteed to make a monumental mess of things. Remember, most people don’t watch CNN unless they are stuck in an airport and have no choice.

I see from sea to shining sea and the only evidence of a Biden wave is coming from people with a well-earned reputation for being wrong about everything else.


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