On July 27, 2020 it was suddenly announced that the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University would host the first presidential debate of 2020. According to this article by Cleveland.com, that caught the U.S. Secret Service by surprise:


“This kind of just got thrown into our lap,” Jon Shuck, Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service’s Cleveland branch, told cleveland.com in a phone interview this week. “Typically, we have several months to plan something like this. We have a little over a month.”

Shuck said the Secret Service was not involved in the planning or selection processes, and only learned this week that the city would host a debate.

“It will be a challenge, but we’re not concerned,” he said. “We’ll still come up with a plan, but it will have to be a lot quicker.”

It was not just the Secret Service that was caught by surprise, so was the City of Cleveland nor its police department.

Now fast forward to the debate itself. It turns out that at least 11 people involved in the setup and pre-planning have contacted Covid-19. Suddenly, at the worst possible time, President Trump and several key Republicans all tested positive for COVID 19. The President is currently hospitalized at Walter Reed. Senator Chuck Schumer immediately seized the day to demand delay of the Amy Cony Barrett hearings. Joe Biden and his fawning supporters are blaming this on President Trump and demanding a national mask mandate. This reminds me when Nancy Pelosi said she would literally consider impeaching the President to stop the confirmation of Amy Cony Barrett. She then said, ominously, that she had more arrows in her quiver.

This begs the question. Why would the Rose Garden introduction of Amy Cony Barrett be assumed to be the source? Everyone attending that event was screened and literally tested before they could get to the site. There have been numerous similar events in the same location with no previous outbreaks. Why now? Democrats are determined to make this a Republican problem. But the screening at the White House is far superior to the screening in congress. No one is doing any testing in congress, certainly not of Democrats. This causes one to ask whether Democrats are somehow immune or whether there is a targeted attack. Unless you believe that God is intervening on behalf of Joe Biden, there seem to be a lot of coincidences here.

This is beyond obvious. The attached article from American Thinker makes a similar case:


I personally dismiss most conspiracy theories. But I don’t dismiss a coincidence too far. Just because one is paranoid doesn’t mean someone is not out to get them. In this case the big question is whether one thinks people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer capable of doing something like this. Normally, that would be unthinkable, but not for them. They are the ones who did impeach a President of the United States for something that was clearly not illegal, and which was more than justified by the known facts. They are the ones who also pushed the Russian Collusion narrative long after it had been discredited. They have routinely spewed pure hatred for Donald Trump.

The News Media has deteriorated into the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Well documented facts showing corruption by Democrats are ignored. Yet the same media is hyperventilating because Trump took a short limo ride to thank his supporters. The only thing certain is that we absolutely cannot count on the Mainstream Media to report objectively on anything involving Donald Trump.

But there are tiny hints of change to come. John King from CNN admitted that Hunter Biden is a swamp creature profiting off his family’s name. Meanwhile Kayleigh McEnaney just announced that she tested positive. There are even reports of liberal White House correspondents testing positive. Hmmm. Those would be the same people screaming stupid questions from 50 feet while wearing face masks.

Something is definitely really wrong here. It just looks like a Coincidence too far.


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