President Trump and Melania have tested positive for COVID 19. Both are in good health. Both are reporting mild symptoms. Odds are very high that neither will get very sick. For one thing, Trump is probably taking Hydroxychloroquine which has been proven to work all over the world. It is impossible for anyone to predict exactly how this will impact either of them physically. What we can be sure of is over-reaction by Democrats resulting in mind-numbingly stupid decisions. Nancy Pelosi is already dreaming of both Trump and Pence getting Covid and conveniently dying making her President. The Washington Post already send out a disgusting tweet imagining how great things would be if Trump died. Several left-wing activists send out similar message of hope. The New York Times demanded Trump be dropped from the ticket.

The liberal left will try to portray this as proof that Trump brought this on himself by attending all those rallies and not wearing a mask.  But they may be on the losing end of that argument. Trump literally lives in a bubble. Everyone who has contact with him is routinely tested. Most people are wearing masks. In addition, he is a well-known germophobe.  Trump is likely to say he doesn’t know where or how he contacted COVID 19 and that is the point. If someone like him, who basically always lives in lockdown can get it, then the lockdowns clearly are not working.

If Trump has minor symptoms and maintains his working schedule, that will destroy the Democrats narrative. It will also disappoint them no end. If that happens, then ten days from today Trump will be immune from COVID 19. Joe Biden, however, will still be 77 years old, frail, and afraid to move without a mask. Fear is never actually very attractive.

At some point, everyone will realize the silliness of the mask hysteria. They clearly don’t work. They can’t possibly work. Jill Biden demonstrated that today. She was speaking regarding the positive test by Trump. She was wearing a nice pretty mask. But it didn’t fit right, so every few seconds, she reached up her hand and re-adjusted the mask. That, of course, contaminated the mask and made it worthless. This is the part about masks that no one gets. First, it is highly questionable if a cloth masks helps at all because it is so porous. But it is only potentially effective if it is a nice clean new mask, untouched by human hands, used only once and discarded. Few people do that. Many are wearing well-used masks. Other are wearing things like bandanas. Almost everyone touches their mask with their hands. At some point, someone is going to point this out and all this mask wearing hysteria will just look silly in the rear-view mirror.

In addition, masks give a false sense of security. I went to a store. I was a good boy and wore my mask, not to protect me from COVID, but to protect me from mask Nazis. I checked out and used my ATM card. I had to punch in my PIN on the card reader. That card reader had been touched by numerous other people and was not sanitized. There was no sanitizer nearby for me to use after using the pin pad. So, there I was, wearing a mask that does nothing, touching a grimy pin pad that did potentially expose me to COVID. Fortunately, I keep hand sanitizer in my car for exactly these kinds of situations.

Another example is a public restroom. They are numerous signs screaming about the need to wash your hands. But then there will be an air blower to use to dry your hands. There are no paper towels. So, you scrub your hands religiously for the full two minutes. You then dry them thoroughly with the air blower. Then you touch the door handle on the way out, possibly the dirtiest place in the restroom and risk contaminating yourself. This is just plain silly.

We really can’t live in a bubble and we can’t totally avoid being exposed. We can keep our distance and wash our hands, but we cannot live in a risk-free environment. When we try to do that, we just create more problems than we solve. There are reports that over half of the bars and restaurants in New York City have closed their doors, permanently, because of COVID 19. That will cost NYC billions in tax revenue. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of minority workers will be permanently unemployed. A higher minimum wage is great, unless you don’t have a wage at all. Millions of people are not getting physical exams or tests because of COVID. A lot of them will die, unnecessarily, not by COVID, but rather by the horrific side effects of the irrational fear of COVID.

We better hope Trump gets well soon and puts a positive spin on this. Otherwise the entire country will be run by idiots like the current Governor of California. By the time people realize how much damage is being done, it may well be too late to recover.


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