The New York Times, predictably, ran another hit piece on Donald Trump. Ironically, this happened on the same day the Supreme Court said neither the prosecutors in New York nor Congress could get immediate access to Donald Trump’s tax returns. Yet, the NYT ran a report designed to embarrass Trump for information it could not possibly have obtained legally. Odds are high it hasn’t obtained it illegally either. They are just guessing and lying. What makes this beyond pathetic, is that they have tried this exact tactic before and failed. Trump just shrugs this crap off.

So why do it then? Although these people are definitely this biased, they are not actually this stupid. The obvious answer is that they are terrified about the prospect of Joe Biden debating Donald Trump, on National TV, without an earpiece and without a teleprompter. Perhaps Trump is right, and they will juice Joe up with something, but this is still very high risk. There is a reason Biden has been caught using teleprompters to answer softball questions from hand-selected reporters. They are terrified at how he will respond when confronted with real questions, he does not expect.

This is also evidence that they don’t believe the polls. If they believed them, they wouldn’t risk doing something this obvious and this poorly sourced. They are acting like Trump is not only winning, he is getting ready to run the table.

The fact that Joe may actually show up to the debate is an act of desperation. If they thought he had this in the bag those debates would never happen. Why, on earth, would they run the risk? If the Biden strategy of hiding in his basement was working, they wouldn’t risk rocking the boat.

Now throw in the untimely death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump called their bluff by nominating Amy Coney Barrett and Republicans in the Senate are clearly lined up to approve this nomination. Even Mitt Romney is on board. There is only one reason for that. Romney knows that he can’t afford to look weak regarding this nomination. He would love to stick it to Trump, but not at this level of personal cost.

Every Republican running for Senate, with the possible exception of Susan Collins, is going to quickly get on board. There is a reason for that. They know Trump is winning and none of them want to risk Trump campaigning against them.  They also realize that the roll-out of this nomination was a work of art, while Democrats are literally wetting themselves in public. They may not like Trump. They may not want Trump, but they do want to be re-elected and that is far more likely if you can hitch a ride on the Trump train.

There are also going to be court decisions that will make it much harder for the Democratic mail-in and ballot harvesting plan for November. They don’t even need Amy Cony Barrett to make that decision, the current Supreme Court will take care of this quickly. Combine that with more and more documented evidence of Democrats using mail-in ballots to steal elections and you have a perfect storm.

Forget the polls and absolutely ignore predictions by the MSM including Fox News. Trump is feeling his oats and Democrats are showing signs of pure panic.

Look at your TV. Check out who is smiling and who looks like they swallowed something awful. Look at the support for Trump in the Hispanic and black communities. If he gets more than 10% of the black vote, Biden loses big time. If he gets 25%, he runs the table.

Don’t be misled by the usual suspects like Lebron James and Al Sharpton. Lebron thinks he speaks for the black community. He only speaks for super rich pampered athletes. Pay attention to the black Attorney General in Kentucky. A lot of Democrats are trashing him without understanding something important. I suspect a lot of black people watching this view this very differently. They see an impressive black man being trashed by people pretending to support the black community. At least some of them will feel more empathy for Daniel Cameron than for the people slandering him.

I remember talking to a black attorney friend during the Clarence Thomas hearings. He was very liberal and a Democrat. But he told me that when Clarence Thomas said this was a “high tech lynching” he felt that in his soul.

We are clearly at the “WHY.”  It is important to understand why people are doing what they are doing. It would be naïve to think this is because they think Joe Biden has this in the bag.


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