If you watch the MSM, including Fox News, you are constantly told that this election is very close. Biden is leading in national polls and in several battleground states. This reporting is based on polls that are impossible to believe.  To believe the polls, you must believe most Americans will vote for Joe Biden, despite his radical supporters and his obvious senility.

Trump is on the news every day, all day. He is constantly giving a news conference, hosting a roundtable, or making a speech. He is showing up all over the country. Everywhere he goes he draws massive crowds. Right now, Trump is in Atlanta. He was in Florida this morning hosting a Hispanic roundtable. He will attend a rally in Virginia tonight.

In the meantime, Biden is hiding out in his basement. He did manage to pay a visit to the capital to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but then we went back home, apparently exhausted. He isn’t even pretending to conduct a campaign.

The MSM and the people taking the polls really believe that everyone thinks like them. All these polls over-sample Democrats by a huge margin and ignore independents. They ignore serious red flags in their own data. For example, polls show up to 25% of blacks planning on voting for Trump. For Biden to win, he must get close to 90% of the black vote. If Trump gets 25% of the black vote he will win by a landslide. Trump is also polling very high among Hispanic voters. Pollsters ignore that to their peril.

They are also missing something else. While all those protestors and their liberal supporters believe in systemic racism, a lot of people are very aware that this is based on a patently false narrative. The most recent case was Breonna Taylor. Virtually nothing reported by the MSM on that case is accurate. There is a reason the Grand Jury did not indict those officers; the facts did not support indicting them. But, the MSM just ignores the facts and continues to report a false narrative. It is absurd.

This begs the question. While the MSM has clearly drunk the KoolAid, do you really think they represent most people in this country? During a recent Kansas City Chiefs game only about 20% of the stadium was full because of COVID 19 restrictions. When the teams linked arms to support Black Lives Matter, those fans responded with boos. Even the shrinking number of people who still watch the NFL do not necessarily support the political nonsense.

Look around you. Do you see ANY signs of widespread support for the Biden/Harris ticket? Do you see Biden or Harris drawing large crowds.? Do you know anyone who even pretends to be excited about a Biden presidency?  Donald Trump recently paid a visit to Sacramento. He was greeted with a large crowd of supporters, although this was not even a public event. A handful of protestors showed up with one of them stupidly jumping on a police car.

Look at who is supporting Biden and who is supporting Trump. It is not Trump supporters trying to throw things at police and setting fires. It is not Trump supporters who are blocking traffic and screaming at drivers. It is not Trump supporters invading neighborhoods and threatening people. It is not Trump supporters harassing people in restaurants. No, Trump supporters show up in massive numbers to cheer on Donald Trump and then go home.

The Senate report regarding Hunter Biden and Ukraine is devastating. The MSM ignored this, but they no longer control how people get news. Anyone who reads this report realizes that the failed impeachment of Donald Trump was a total farce. They also know Joe Biden is a crook. Documents were released proving FBI agents talking about buying E & O insurance because they knew the Russian Investigation was a fraud. The Democratic narrative is being shredded daily.

While some people will vote for Joe Biden, regardless of circumstances, there are a lot of other people who see the same things you see, and they understand.  They see Michael Bloomberg paying millions so convicted felons can vote in Florida. Why? Because he knows they will vote for Democrats. Great! Do we want convicted felons to decide our elections?

Pennsylvania has authorized vote harvesting and counting mail-in ballots long after election day. Michigan is trying to expand this even longer. While the MSM says there is no evidence of voter fraud, there is more evidence of this every day.  We find ballots, all for Donald Trump, in a trash bin.

Even in Democratic precincts, they can’t even figure out how to count the ballots. No one, with an ounce of objectivity, expects anything other than a national mess. Remember the election night coverage during the Iowa Caucuses. Crickets from the Democratic Party.

If Democrats handle this election according to plans, we will be lucky to learn the results this year. Perhaps that is the plan. But, if that is the plan, it is because they KNOW that Biden is losing big time. If they thought Biden had any chance of winning, they would want election results on November 3, so the celebration could begin. They wouldn’t risk changing ANYTHING. Their only hope is to steal the election with vote harvesting after the election. Why? Because they know Biden is losing. So, do you. So, does everyone else who has their eyes open. Should you believe the MSM, or your lying eyes? Easy question.


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