Democrats responded, predictably, to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with knee-jerk outrage and hyperbole. They are so furious at the prospect of Donald Trump appointing another Supreme Court Justice that they are too blinded by fury to even consider a rational response. As a result, they may be making one of the worst political blunders in American history.

Chuck Schumer, supposedly a smart man, has announced that if Democrats take control of the Senate and the Presidency, he will do the following:

  1. Pack the Supreme Court by adding liberal justices.
  2. End the filibuster.
  3. End the electoral college.
  4. Admit DC and Puerto Rico as States to gain two more Democratic congressional representatives.

There are several problems with this threat. One is that he just put all those Democrats running for the senate between a rock and a hard place. Let’s take Mark Kelly in Arizona as just one example. He is a former astronaut and has enormous name recognition. He gives the illusion of being rational and moderate. But now all his opponent needs to ask is:

  1. Would you vote to pack the Supreme Court?
  2. Would you vote to end the filibuster?
  3. Would you vote to end the electoral college?
  4. Would you vote to admit DC and Puerto Rico as States?

In addition, once Trump nominates an obviously capable female Kelly will be asked another question: “Please explain exactly why you oppose this nomination.”

This could easily cost Mark Kelly that election. Now think about this happening in every close Senate race, including some that Democrats think they have in the bag. If you are a competent Democratic strategist, which is a stretch, this must terrify you.

This also helps Donald Trump, because he will name someone and will be literally challenging Democrats to trash her. Biden, on the other hand, is terrified to even bring up the subject. Frankly, this is so stupid that it looks like an act of absolute desperation.  Democrats think they are threatening Donald Trump and Republicans.  They are actually threatening the American people.

What makes this worse is that this irresponsible rhetoric is likely to encourage wide-spread protests, some of which are certain to be violent. There may even be violent attacks on Republicans they consider to be a threat. That is the problem with screaming that the world is coming to an end, some people are likely to believe you.

Democrats did this to themselves. They allowed the Democratic Party to be dominated by extreme leftists. That left them with poor options. They should have responded to this by naming their own candidate and promoting that person as a better option. But any candidate acceptable to someone like AOC is unlikely to be acceptable to anyone else. They couldn’t even refloat Merrick Garland as deserving his chance, because he is a white male and the squad will demand a woman of color.

Think about that for a minute. Their whole theory is that Merrick Garland was robbed of his chance to be on the Supreme Court. But now instead of giving him that chance, Democrats don’t want him either. This was only four years ago. If he deserved a chance then, he deserves a chance now. No one is even considering that.

It looks like Democrats, already headed toward a landslide defeat, just decided to go all in on a banzai charge guaranteed to destroy all stupid enough to participate. Banzai charges worked for the Japanese when fighting the Chinese. They didn’t work very well against U.S. Marines. There are some who would argue that these suicide attacks only hastened defeat and increased casualties. That would be a pretty good way to describe the Democratic Party today.

A couple of important things to remember when you see a banzai charge. One is that the people doing this are beyond desperate. Another is that they almost never work.



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  1. Schumer’s decree as you’ve spelled it out smells like he’s pushing the country to single party rule, which leads to other problems we’ve seen occur in other countries. Why on earth can’t these people see they are pushing this country towards the brink of its own internal destruction?

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