I still remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger told Jay Leno he was running for Governor of California. Leno had difficulty restraining a giggle. No one took Arnold seriously. This had to be a joke, right? But it wasn’t a joke and it was Schwarzenegger who got the last laugh. He easily won election to Governor and he coasted to re-election.

I must admit that I was among those who thought Arnold was a joke candidate. But I had underestimated the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a huge star. He was somebody. When he entered that race, everyone else quickly faded into oblivion. It was a reminder that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.

Donald Trump is one of the biggest stars in the history of TV.  He is the ultimate somebody. He dominates every news cycle. Most of the coverage is negative, but he is still the center of attention. Joe Biden is a nobody. He was nearly invisible as Obama’s VP. Democrats are trying to beat Trump, by focusing on Trump and hiding Biden. They are also hiding Kamala Harris. They intend to win this race by trashing Trump and spending millions on TV ads. Biden will continue to hide out. He may not even show up for the first debate. They are, once again, trying to beat somebody with nobody.

Trump was just handed a winning issue. Once again, the polls are very wrong. A lot of people voted for Trump because they didn’t want Hillary to choose Supreme Court Justices. If anyone had doubt about this, it was erased by Chuck Schumer. He threatened that if Democrats don’t get their way, they will eliminate the filibuster, stack the Supreme Court, and admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, so they can get more Democratic Senators. Schumer’s plan is a case study in why we need Trump, not Biden, to choose the replacement for Ginsburg.

Notice how quickly Democrats moved on from COVID 19, to mail in ballots, to the death of Ginsburg. Now the only topic is Trump’s choice for Supreme Court justice. If he chooses wisely, Democrats have a serious problem. He is going to pick a woman, so no more fake last-minute sexual harassment claims. He will pick someone who was recently confirmed by the Senate. Someone who has already handled those anal retentive female Democratic Senators. Male Democratic Senators will have to be very careful if they choose to attack a female nominee. Soon, and very soon, this will focus on who Trump has nominated, not the fact that Trump made the nomination. Failure to understand that would be a huge mistake for Democrats.

In the meantime, Biden is too terrified to even suggest a candidate. He knows that anyone acceptable to the AOC crowd will not be acceptable to anyone else. He cannot choose a male, like Merrick Garland, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So, Trump will nominate somebody and once again Democrats will try to beat somebody with nobody.

Good luck with that.


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