Democrats are pushing mail in voting because they think it will help them win (steal) the election. Republicans are against mail in voting because they think it will help Democrats win (steal) the election. They are both wrong.

There has been wide-spread election fraud in this country for a long time. Anyone familiar with the history of political machines understands how this works. There is a reason why Democrats have almost complete power in every metropolitan area. Hint, it is not because they are doing such a great job. It is because it is close to impossible for a Republican to win in these locations.

When Anthony Weiner had to resign as a congressional representative, he was replaced by, gasp, a Republican.  Democrats were shocked because Democrats had a 3-1 registration advantage in that district. I remember one Democratic operative who was shocked, because he said: We know the name and address of every registered Democrat in the district and our candidate is still going to lose.

Turner only served one two-year term. In 2012 New York lost two congressional districts. The first thing they did was split his district with the result that he had zero chance of winning re-election.

If you live in a district where the local Democratic committee knows you by name and knows where you live, there is little mystery regarding who you should vote for in any election. If you don’t work for the city, county, or state, you almost certainly have a relative who does. I don’t really know of any Republican district where Republicans are remotely capable of demonstrating that level of influence.

The problem was complicated by a process where no one was checking. That is particularly true in places like California where voter fraud is viewed as an evil Republican conspiracy theory to suppress the vote. There is little evidence of voter fraud because no one is looking. When they do look, they quickly find lots of it.

That brings us to mail in voting and something very important. All those ballots must be checked. One of the things they check is whether the ballot is signed and whether that signature matches the signature on file with the voter’s registration card. This year, for the first time, voter registration records are checked against a federal database. Previously a state like California did not bother to check whether a driver was here legally. But that was so porous that a California Drivers’ License would not longer be sufficient to allow one to board a commercial airliner. Now, to get a real id in California, one of the following is required:

Valid U.S. Passport or passport card.

Certified copy of US birth certificate.

US Certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Unexpired foreign passport with Valid US Visa and approved I-94 form

Certified copy of birth certificate from a U.S. Territory

Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship.

Valid unexpired Permanent Resident Card

Unexpired employment authorization document (EAD) Card (i-76) or valid/expired EAD Card with notice of action (i797 C).


You also need proof of Social Security Number

Social Security card

W-2 form

SSA-1099 form

Non-SSA-1099 form

Paystub (with full SSN)


Proof of residence (2 Documents required)

Rental or lease agreement, Deed or title to residential real property.

Mortgage bill.

Home utility bill.

School, medica, employment or insurance documents verifying address.

IRS or California FTB tax return.

Change of address by USPS

Property tax bill or statement.

Records from a financial institution

Voter registration confirmation letter or postcard.

A document issued by a U.S. government agency.

Although the deadline for a real ID has been extended in California, a high percentage of drivers have done this. That means that a mail in ballot for those people will have signature, address, and citizenship status on file in a readily accessible database. When a ballot comes in, it will be checked for signature, address, and citizenship status. For the first time in decades, someone will be checking who voted in California and whether they were legalized authorized to do that.

The point being that a lot of ballots are going to be rejected because the signatures don’t match, the address doesn’t match or there is no proof of citizenship. Others will be rejected because they were just done wrong.

It is going to be very difficult for Democrats to keep track of 30 million ballots and do enough vote harvesting to make a different. Even vote harvesting is going to be harder, because for the first time SIGNATURES will be checked. Don’t assume this will help Democrats.

Everyone predicts that election results will be delayed because of mail in voting. Democrats are counting on keeping the election open until they find enough votes, But, ironically, the push for all mail-in voting has made it easier for Republicans to verify the integrity of ballots. Some of you may have noticed that recently Democrats are quietly hinting at moving back toward in person voting. You can expect more of that soon. While Democrats scream about wanting and needing a fair and transparent election process, they are terrified that this might happen. How, exactly, do Democrats plan on winning elections if voting is limited to legally registered voters, still alive, still living here, who are only allowed to vote once?

Time to get real.


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