One again the MSM is totally misreading the American public. Bob Woodward’s book will not damage Trump, to anyone who reads or listens to the actual Trump quotes. Trump acts and sounds like a President of the United States, determined to make good decisions. The comparison between him and Joe Biden could not be starker.

But it also proved something else. There are people, at the very highest level of government, who believe they are the cultured elite chosen by God to lead the rest of us. When someone challenges them, they become outraged. Anyone who dares disagree with them is dangerous and must be removed. General Mattis should be tried for treason. He openly admits to campaigning to remove a President of the United States from office. There is a reason the military reports to the President and not vice versa. This book is a stark reminder of that. It is incredible that Mattis accuses Trump of deliberately dividing people when the opposite is true. It was Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that has divided us by race, sex, gender, gender preference and the flavor of the month. Candidates in the DNC are chosen solely by their diversity credentials rather than any hint of actual qualifications. That is why Joe Biden is the nominee and Kamala Harris is his choice for VP. All the diversity candidates proved to be horrible campaigners. Joe won because everyone else failed.

Trump told the truth about people crossing our borders. He told the truth about radical Islam and the need to screen people from countries where radical Islamists are developed. Trump has promoted a gay man to be DNI, not because he was gay, but because he was good at his job.

If you check out the quotes by Mattis, he opposed Trump because he didn’t want to bomb Iran when he realized it would kill more civilians than soldiers and there seems to be no plan for what came next. But his primary concern was pure politics. He didn’t like the President’s style. There should be an immediate and sustained outcry. This is totally unacceptable. It is also proof that much of the Washington Elite lacks respect for the American people. They cannot get over the fact than an outsider like Donald Trump is President of the United States.

What makes this more galling is that the same people ignored the obvious and far more serious problems with the Obama administration.  Talk about blatant abuse of power. It was Obama who encouraged the IRS to target political opponents. It was his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of congress by a near unanimous vote for lying about Fast & Furious. It was Obama who sent Susan Rice out to lie about Benghazi. It was Obama who allowed the weaponization of our intelligence services and the FBI against a political opponent. And it was Obama who allowed ISIS to thrive and directed the military toward expanding efforts in Afghanistan while simultaneously saying this was only for a limited time. It was Obama who said he would leave Iraq regardless of circumstances and regardless of consequences. ISIS was the consequence. It was Obama who gave billions to Iran and allowed the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world to continue a path toward nuclear weapons. Why wasn’t Mattis worried about any of that?

This is insane. What is sad is that he will probably get away with this. The MSM will either fail to notice the significance of this or they simply will not care. We should all be outraged by Woodward’s book, not because of anything Trump said or did, but rather because Woodward documented the unwarranted and potentially treasonous resistance to Trump. What makes this even worse is that Woodward was too blinded by his own bias to realize that.

It is increasingly obvious that electing Trump was an absolute necessity. We had to bring in someone new, a total outsider, or we would never have learned the full extent of the swamp. We needed him then, we need him more now. He is not perfect, but he is beyond necessary. We absolutely must have someone ready, willing, and able to take on these people. Our freedom is literally at stake. It took the election of Donald Trump to alert all of us to the full extent of the problem.  It is obvious that it took Trump himself a long time to determine who he could trust and who he absolutely could not trust. He now has surrounded himself with a lot better team and it is likely to improve even more in the future.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we desperately needed someone to invent a Donald Trump.



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