The Atlantic published a clearly false article today claiming Trump bad mouthed dead U.S. military veterans. This story was so obviously false that no credible news organization should have even reported it. Joe Biden said he didn’t know if it was true and then slammed Trump anyway. The story has been completely debunked by everyone. Even John Bolton who hated President Trump, said it was BS.

That begs the question: “why would the Atlantic do this?” Better yes, why would Biden take the bait? The answer is they are beyond desperate. Even the guy writing the article had to know this was BS. He clearly didn’t even attempt to get clarification from numerous people who were obvious witnesses. I really can’t remember a story that was so thoroughly discredited in such a short period of time.

But don’t be surprised if the Biden campaign continues to bring this up as possibly true. They will say the problem is that this was so easy to believe. Utter nonsense. We can expect CNN and the rest of the MSM to run with this as long as they can. Some will even sigh and say the problem is that this is believable. But even that won’t last long. We can be certain that none of them will have the character to admit they were wrong. They will never admit they should not have reported on the story in the first place. They will never admit the obvious, that nothing Trump has ever done supported this nonsense. They won’t even consider pointing out the depravity of a political campaign that would stoop this low.

But the real story here is the level of panic in the DNC and the establishment media. They don’t believe the polls showing Biden ahead. They recognize the significance when thousands of people show up, in the rain, to wait for Trump, in an overflow area in Pennsylvania. They saw the thousands of people who showed up to see Trump in Kenosha, a city that is 65% democratic. They also saw Biden greeted in Kenosha by one blue haired lady wearing DNC buttons.

Biden looked feeble and frail. His staff even gave written questions for people to ask. He still got confused. The same thing happened today in Delaware. When he was asked about the Atlantic article. He should have said: “has that been verified.” Instead he read his teleprompter attack on Donald Trump as if this were straight from the lips of God. This had no chance of working. Granted, some Trump haters will buy this, but they will buy anything. Anyone with an ounce of objectivity will be appalled. Appalled that any political campaign would stoop this low to try and gain an advantage.

The rest of us should smile. If they are this desperate, it is because they have run out of options. This had deteriorated from grasping at straws to grasping at imaginary straws. It is how people act when they are losing, they know they are losing, and they are willing to try anything in a desperate attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It did not work. Instead, it just showcased the level of panic and desperation.

Happy Labor Day.


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