I don’t remember who exactly told me this story but do know it was based on a real incident. (It may have been Ron Luciano) A major league baseball player was trying to score from second base on a base hit. When he went into his slide, he ended up about a foot short of home plate. The umpire called him out, then whispered: “pretend you’re hurt.” The player caught on and did exactly that, which saved him a lot of embarrassment.

I believe Joe Biden is about to develop an illness or injury, non-life threatening and not related to his mental health, which will prevent him from campaigning.  Sadly, he will not be able to participate in debates. They must do something because he is botching every public appearance. This is going to become more obvious and more serious. The only chance Democrats have is to keep Joe in his basement with some excuse for him being there. They tried to use COVID 19, but that isn’t working anymore. Partly because Joe has ventured out on occasion. It is too late to replace him on the ticket. Kamala Harris is an even worse campaigner than him. She is on the record with so many radical left positions that the campaign needs to hide her too. So, a desperate campaign must do something, well, desperate.

Incredibly many people in the MSM, including Fox, believe that Biden is ahead in the polls. However, these same polls show Trump getting more than 25% of the black vote. If that is true, Biden is far behind and we are looking at a potential Trump landslide. The good news is that liberals suffer from a mental disorder resulting in them believing things that are obviously not true. They simply ignore any facts that conflict with what they “know” to be true.  This makes them vulnerable to gigantic mistakes. The Biden campaign may even believe that he is ahead and if they can hide him and spend enough money, they can beat Trump.

The good news for us is that those who are wrong about everything else, are wrong about this too.


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