If you listen to liberals, the DNC and the MSM, you probably believe there is a serious problem with systemic racism demonstrated by cops shooting black men without just cause. There are many people who truly believe this happens on a regular basis. They are making decisions based on this. The NBA has gone all in assuming their support of Black Lives Matter will be a huge success. The NFL, MLB and other sports have kneeled in protest, during the National Anthem, because they believe this.

But the real question is whether this is even true? So far, I have seen no examples of where a black man was shot because he was black. George Floyd was intoxicated on alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, and fentanyl. The autopsy suggest he had taken a fatal dose of fentanyl and likely would have died with or without the police doing anything. But few people know this, they just saw the video and said: “look at the cops picking on the black guy.”  Even Fox News missed the point. Yes, the cops may have handled this poorly, but there was nothing racist about this.

Then Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times. The news media constantly talks about him being shot in the back, in front of his children, but never mention that he had been charged with sexual assault. They ignore the part where his ex-girlfriend called the police, begging for help, because he wouldn’t leave, and he apparently stole her car keys. They ignore the fact that he resisted arrest, may have put a headlock on a police officer, was tasered twice and finally shot when he may have been diving into his car in search of a weapon. The police may not have acted properly, but, again, there appears to be nothing racist about this.

Both events resulted in wide-spread, loud screams protesting systemic racism. They were screaming far too loud to listen. They repeat distorted facts accompanied by loud demands. They scream “No Justice, No Peace.” But they don’t really want justice. They want the police convicted of a crime without regard to the facts and the evidence.

What is racist is the public outcry based on the suspects skin color. In October, 2019, Isaiah Murrietta Golding was shot in the back by Fresno police. He was 16 years old. He was unarmed. But, he was also white. So there were no protests. There were no riots. There was a lawsuit, but no public outcry. If this kid had been black, we would still be rebuilding downtown Fresno. So, who are the racists here? The police or those who rush to the defense of any black man with little or no regard to the facts.

Far too many politicians are too intimidated to do their job and have allowed the angry mob to overcome their duty to act responsibly. These people have a duty to evaluate these cases on the facts and the merits, but instead they have made decisions solely for political purposes. No one has acted more irresponsibly than the Mayor of Portland, Oregon. The results are beyond obvious. He, of course, is too busy blaming Donald Trump to look in a mirror.

Every smart parent learns this quickly. Sometimes you need to let your child cry themselves to sleep, because if you pick them up every time they cry, they will just cry more. The same is true is your child throws a temper tantrum. Smart parents never reward bad behavior. Failure to do that results in serious problems. We have all seen examples of this with a child throwing a temper tantrum in a store with an embarrassed parent trying and failing to bribe them into stopping. It seldom works.

We, as a country, are on the verge of rewarding people for bad behavior. Fortunately, the person who understands this best is Donald Trump. His trip to Kenosha focused primarily on helping repair the damage and supporting the police. He suggested we investigate and let the facts decide. That, of course, is unacceptable to those who want a quick response, regardless of facts, that suits their pollical agenda. But it is music in the ears of people who welcome someone strong enough to push back against the insanity.



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