Joe Biden came out of his basement. He spoke to a small crowd, made ridiculous false claims about Donald Trump, got confused, and went home. This is consistent with what I wrote about in WHIRLED WITHOUT END.  Although CNN failed to notice any of this, a lot of other people saw this very clearly. We can guarantee that the double secret probation committee is working overtime in desperate search of a solution. We do not know what they will do, but we can be pretty sure that Joe Biden will be put on the shortest possible leash. They will try to blame this on COVID and Donald Trump, in a desperate attempt to justify Biden continuing to hide out in his basement. It has zero chance of working.

If you watched the Democratic spin doctors on the news shows lately you could literally see the panic in their eyes. They have well-rehearsed spin arguments, based on obvious falsehoods, that are presented at the speed of light. They never answer any questions. While both parties are guilty of this, the RNC has a lot more facts and a far more convincing argument.

Today Kayleigh McEnany destroyed the Democrats logic by saying: “That’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter.”  

Democrats have a losing candidate and a losing argument, and they know it. Lawyers are taught that when they have the facts, pound the facts. If they don’t have the facts, pound the opponent. If they can’t pound the facts or the opponent, just pound. If you watch Democrats on TV, you are going to see more and more pounding.

This cannot continue long. Remember that the Democratic primary ended in about 24 hours once the establishment realized Bernie was likely to win. If you think they were panicked then, well they probably consider those the good ole days now. I do not know what they will do, but I know disaster is imminent, they know it is imminent and they are running out of time. Almost anything is possible.


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