The incompetence of the Democratic establishment is unbelievable. There could be few things more important than choosing a nominee for President of the United States. That used to be done in smoke filled rooms and while the result was often a poor candidate, it was usually someone competent to be President of the United States.

The Republican establishment is equally incompetent. They would have chosen anyone but Donald Trump in 2016. But anyone but Donald Trump probably would have lost to Hillary Clinton.

This year, Democrats kept digging deeper and literally ended up with a candidate hiding in his basement. Anyone who has watched “live” interviews of Joe Biden notices that the problem is far more than mere gaffs. Sadly, most of us have seen relatives showing similar signs of senility and dementia. The DNC, with the help of the MSM is desperately trying to cover this up, but that is proving to be impossible. Even liberal reporters have noticed that while Trump is out there literally traveling coast to coast, Joe Biden is STILL hiding in his basement. Kamala Harris is not much better and her rebuttal to the Trump’s acceptance speech was beyond pathetic.

The result is that the election is about two months away and the DNC does not have a candidate remotely capable of being President of the United States. To add fuel to the fire, there are “rumors” that Joe Biden’s dementia is getting worse on a daily basis.  That may explain why both Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have publicly said Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump. If they thought there was any chance Biden could hold his own with Trump, they would be demanding debates.

This is also why the DNC Convention was focused 90% on demonizing Trump and 10% on praising Joe Biden. In many cases the primary praise for Joe Biden is that he is not Donald Trump. They let Hollywood put on the show forgetting that actors are primarily good at pretending to be something they are not. There are many actors who are very good at portraying action heroes but I shudder at the thought of any of these people flying on a combat mission with me when I was serving in Vietnam.

There is a price to be paid for incompetence. Democrats now have a candidate increasingly incapable of appearing in public. His carefully chosen VP candidate is a horrible campaigner. She was one of the first to drop out of the DNC race for the nomination because her support had dropped to around 2%. Tulsi Gabbard, who was not even invited to the DNC, ate her lunch at one of the debates and Harris never recovered. The result is that the DNC is apparently planning on campaigning without an actual candidate. They are spending a fortune on advertising apparently in a desperate hope to save the campaign, while hiding both Biden and Harris from the American public.

But what if Joe get worse, much worse, before the election. That is clearly possible. But it is already far too late for the DNC to make a change. They can hardly parachute someone in to take over for Joe. Even if he died, this would be an insurmountable challenge. But perhaps the question that should really terrify Democrats is what will happen if Biden wins the election, but is obviously incapable of even pretending to be president? Talk about a constitutional crisis. They couldn’t legally replace him with Kamala Harris or anyone else. No serious constitutional scholar believes the country would accept Nancy Pelosi as Temporary President of the United States. That would literally result in a civil war, with real guns.

There must be at least some smart Democrats who realize this. They know the polls are crap and that Biden is trailing badly in every swing state. They see the crowds that turn out every place Trump goes. They see the violence in Portland, Seattle, New York and now Kenosha. They know the Biden campaign is in serious trouble, which is why they are pushing mail-in-voting. But Joe Biden losing this election may not be the worse case scenario for Democrats, the worse case scenario may be if he wins.

Even the DNC establishment must realize that the radical left has taken over the party. No one is even pretending that these people represent mainstream America, in either party. If they truly take power and try to implement these insane proposals, there will be wide-spread resistance and it won’t be limited to disappointed Republicans.

Donald Trump will be gone in four years and by 2024 a lot of people will be sick of him. Almost everyone president is increasingly unpopular by the time they leave office. Donald Trump will be that on steroids. Democrats would have four years to find a real candidate, someone capable of leading a national ticket.

The Democratic old guard will have aged out by 2024. We don’t know who will be running the show in 2024, but we know who will not. It won’t be Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Dianne Feinstein. It also won’t be AOC or any of her squad. It won’t be Bernie Sanders and it won’t be people like Chris Cuomo or Gavin Newsom. When you are rebuilding a team the first step is to fire the coach, the general manager and recruit new players. .

In the meantime, the DNC has mucked things up beyond recovery. It is literally whirled without end and is now so bad that the best chance for the Democratic Party to even survive is to get trounced in November. That would also spare the country from being destroyed by people too incompetent to run their own party.


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