We have all seen the recent polls showing Joe Biden leading by 15 points. If the election were held today, Bid would win in a landslide. Right? Do any of you really believe that? Do you believe that an overwhelming majority of Democrats will vote for a senile old man proposing far left ideas that are absolutely insane?  Odds are you do not believe that. You know too many Democrats, and while they may truly hate Donald Trump, I haven’t met anyone who was excited about Joe Biden. So, what is going on here?

The answer quite simply is that the polls are worthless. This is obsolete technology that hasn’t worked in decades. This is not just in the United States. In Britain, the anti-Brexit coalition was sure they had won. They were literally pouring champagne and celebrating. But the next day, when the true results, not exist polls, came in, Brexit won big. Remember all the times we heard that Boris Johnson was hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Well he just won in a historic landslide. The same thing happened here. Every poll thought Hillary would win. Every major network, including FOX, thought Hillary would win. That didn’t change until the actual votes were counted and Trump won Florida big league. He ended up running the table and picking up things along the edge, like Michigan and Wisconsin. None of the polls predicted this. Even the exit polls did not predict this.

Let’s be blunt. There any zero chance that any pollster will get me on the phone long enough to complete one of their silly surveys. I am not exactly alone. Many people no longer have land lines. Most of us have smart phones. Just watch people and observe how they use their smart phone. It is rare to see someone talking on the phone, outside of a business setting. Everyone else is typing madly with their thumbs.  I cannot imagine most of these people putting up with a robo-call phone survey that pops up on their smart phone.

In addition to that, as I have pointed out previously, the polls famously over-sample Democrats. That means even if the process were right the results would still be highly skewed. But the process isn’t right. It doesn’t come close to figuring out how people really think. Polling is just so yesterday.

A far better way to evaluate things is to watch what people do. When Democrats talk about defunding the police, the immediate result is an exponential increase in gun sales. When self-righteous Hollywood A’holes demanded a boycott of GOYA foods, sales went up. I personally know people, including myself, who went out of the way to buy a GOYA food product.

When Joe Biden speaks, there are about three people in the audience and most of them are DNC plants. When Trump speaks people line up for hours. People are wearing MAGA hats and Trump 2020 hats. Have you seen all those Biden 2020 hats? Me neither. In 2008 there were a lot of Obama bumper sticks. I can’t remember seeing the last Biden bumper sticker.

So, here’s the deal. None of the polls mean anything. They have less merit than the CDC COVID-19 statistics.  What does matter is whether Republicans running for re-election are running toward Trump or away from him. Four years ago, a lot of them were running away. Today only a couple are doing that, the rest are singing his praises. Republicans may not like Trump, but they absolutely despise Democrats. If you’re a Republican, even a Susan Collins type Republican you WANT Trump to campaign for you. Republicans are often slow on the intake, but they have figured this out. Trump is a winner and the people he supports do a lot better than the people he opposes.

This reminds me of a sanitation engineer in Chicago who figured out that Superbowl ratings were highly suspect. He determined the number of people watching the game by measuring the increase in sewage flow during half-time. He figured out that a high percentage of people watching the game would choose half-time to take a dump. We now know that he was right, and although no one publicly admits this, smart broadcasters pay more attention to their sh*t for exactly this reason.

So, when you see the polls showing Biden up by 15 points, remember one thing. Most people don’t participate in this nonsense and this is doing nothing more than giving CNN and the liberal left a false sense of security.

I seldom talk politics with a hard core liberal. The reason is very simple. They don’t listen and there is close to zero chance you can convince them of anything. If you do point out that they believe something demonstrably false, they will only become angry, at you, and write you off as an idiot. It is just not worth my time.

My primary concern at this point is massive voter fraud. I don’t think Joe Biden has a chance if there is a fair election process. But if everything is done by mail and Democrats are sorting the mail, then we have a serious problem. But then I realized something important. While there is no doubt Democrats would like to steal this election, it is far from certain that is possible. There will certainly be voter fraud in places like New York and California. But this election will not be decided in those states. In the states that really count, it will be far more difficult for Democrats to significantly alter results.

Everyone I know is angry. Even Democrats are angry. I believe Trump supporters are already lining up to vote in November. They are as energized as humanly possible. Democrats, on the other hand, are trying and failing to get enthusiastic for a senile old man who can’t even read a teleprompter without mucking things up. Throwing things at police, you betcha. Listening to Joe Biden? Seriously? He has zero personality. There is an old saying, “you can’t be somebody with nobody. Trump is somebody, Biden is nobody.”

In addition, the attempted coup by the Intelligence Agencies and the DOJ is about to go public. Durham is going to deliver his report and he is very likely to be indicting people. Even CNN will have to report on this. If he were going to sugar coat this or whitewash things, he would have already done that. Do not underestimate the impact of this.

Finally, remember that the MSM has no clue regarding how the average person not living in the DC bubble thinks about anything. For this reason, none of their reporting or projections has any merit. People living in a bubble cannot see outside the bubble. But people on the outside, looking in, have no problem seeing them. We got a picture of that tonight. I watched the Giants game, for about two seconds, until I realized the idiotic manager knelt during the national anthem while it was placed to an empty stadium. How stupid can you get? There were literally cut-outs of people put in seats behind home plate, so it looked like there were fans. The players were all wearing masks, although some took them off to play field. The stands were completely empty. It was insane. It was unwatchable. I can’t even imagine who thought this was a good idea.

The same thing is going to happen this fall. Liberals will go into the election filled with confidence, but they will soon find the stadiums are empty and the six people there don’t really care. Then, for the next four years, they will wonder how the U.S. got it so wrong, again.


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