There was a remarkable interview of Attorney General William Barr with Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles. Following is a link to the actual podcast. It is remarkable:

It is very important to understand why Barr took the job in the first place.

“Because I didn’t want to. And I resisted it for a long time and I suggested other people. But at the end of the day, I saw the department being used as a political weapon in our system. I thought it was injurious to the rule of law and injurious to our important institutions in our country. I thought this idea of resisting a duly elected president of the United States and using every devise to impair his administration was disastrous. And I thought he needed an attorney general and I agreed to do it.”

Michael Knowles asked Barr how politicized the DOJ was when he returned as Attorney General. The response is stunning:

“I think there were many examples of political decisions, but I think one of the things that has perplexed me about this is that we had one of the largest frauds and injustices in American history conducted by the Justice Department and the FBI right in the center of it. And that was turning the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the government against an opponent’s political campaign.”

That comment should send shock waves through the main stream media. Either Barr is hopelessly corrupt, totally incompetent, or he is right. This simply cannot be ignored. When the Attorney General of the United States says we have one of the largest frauds and injustices in American history, people should start paying attention. When he says the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the government were turned against an opponent’s political campaign that is an extremely serious charge. It is not a charge that someone like Barr would make unless he was absolutely sure of his facts. It is not the type of comment he would make unless the investigation was already complete. When an Attorney General starts making statements like this, in a public setting, this is a red flag warning that indictments are on the way, sooner rather than later.

Now combine this with the shocking results of the investigation by Special Prosecutor Gerard Carmody. He was appointed by St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Mullen. If the following report is accurate, Carmody has made a compelling case that should also send shock waves through the main stream media.

The case brought against Governor Greitens by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, had already been dismissed, but not before it cost him his reputation and his position as Governor of Missouri. This sure looks like another example of liberal Democrats abusing the legal system against political opponents. If this prosecutor was funded by George Soros, as claimed in this article, then an ugly pattern starts to emerge. One that wise reporters ignore to their peril.

For over three years we have been hammered by the main stream media with constant accusations against Donald Trump. We are told that he is a serial liar, but if you ask for his top ten lies the answer says a lot.

The biggest lie is that Trump says three to five million people voted illegal for Hillary Clinton. This was dismissed as undocumented conspiracy. We were arrogantly told that there is no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud. But that ignores the fact that Democrats in Orange County, CA literally bragged about ballot harvesting, which would be illegal in most other states.

His second biggest lie was bragging about the size of the inauguration crowd. Seriously? A politician lied about the size of a crowd? CRUCIFY HIM!

Trump also bragged about being a successful president. No other politician has bragged about accomplishments. Of course not!

This third biggest lie was saying President Obama tapped his phones during the election. Duh..this looks like Trump actually was right about that.

Finally, the biggest lie, Trump said it started to rain during his inauguration but it ended quickly. Watch for yourself. Here is the full video of his inauguration. Does this look like a downpour to you? It had been raining off and on all day. If it rained during his inauguration, it sure doesn’t look that way in this video:

A lot of people are wearing ponchos, but during the speech a lot of people are not even wearing hats or holding umbrellas. Yet, the main stream media viewed this as the crime of the century. Partly because they were literally praying that it would rain on Trump’s campaign. When that didn’t actually happen, they just pretended it did anyway.

Soon, and very soon, hard cold facts are going to come out and none of them support the narrative we have heard for the last three and one half years from the main stream media. Instead we are going to see overwhelming evidence, not against Trump, but against those who were willing to destroy him, without regard to the facts and without regard to the impact on the country.

Unless Willaim Barr is hopelessly delusional, a lot of people who naively thought they were above the law are about to learn that the opposite is true, Barr None. The only real question is whether Democrats or their fawning supporters will even notice and if they do notice, will they care?


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