I have always had pathetic vision. In grade school my parents took me to a stock car race. They were shocked to realize I could not see the numbers on the cars. They also learned I couldn’t read what the teacher was writing on the blackboard. I got my first pair of glasses. I still remember the first time I put on those classes and walked outside. Holly crap, trees have leaves on them. For the first time, I actually saw things. It brought everything into focus. Sometimes things looked a lot better while wearing my glasses. But somethings the glasses allowed me to see things that were not beautiful. They were, in fact, ugly. That is the whole point of 2020 vision. You see things for yourself and it changes your perspective of everything.

2020 has been a really bad terrible year, but it is also a year that is providing 2020 vision to a lot of people. Nearly every major metropolitan area in the United States is and had been controlled by Democrats for decades. All those racist cities are run by Democrats. All those racist police departments report to Democrats. All those terrible inner-city schools are in cities run by Democrats. All those cities ravaged economically by irrational lockdowns are run by Democrats. Every major metropolitan area is in serious trouble.

George Floyd is now an international hero. He is an important symbol of police brutality. But there is a lot more to the story: You can read this for yourself:


George Floyd should have been treated fairly by the police. Everyone deserves that. But it is insane to assume that everything that happened to him was because police were racist. It is even more insane to assume that this is proof of systemic racial profiling and abuse of power by police all over the United States. Insane, but repeated over and over again by the main stream media. While we all agree that police should avoid profiling people just because of the color of their skin, nothing about this case suggests they did that.

Rather than reporting objectively the news media is fanning the flames of outrage by pretending George Floyd is the symbol of all that is good and righteous and police the symbol of all that is evil and despicable. Since the truth is well documented the media either ignores this because they are afraid to tell the truth or ignores it because they want to encourage outrage. Either way they have done enormous harm to race relations in this country. A lot of people really believe George Floyd is a symbol of racist police practices. That will increase, not decrease the potential for similar incidents. Others realize that the main stream media is simply lying to us, again. They are appalled at the blatant and irresponsible attacks on police.

A lot of people, who aren’t participating in silly and potentially violent protests, are buying guns for self-defense. Blacks and other minorities see it too. They are all too familiar with people like George Floyd and what happens if police are not available to deal with him. Most victims of black criminals are black. They know first-hand what happens if you call 9-11 and no one responds. The media is oblivious to this, but a lot of black people are getting 2020 vision too.

Finally, a lot of Republicans are getting 2020 vision. Prior to now a lot of Republicans did not want to believe that the Obama administration really did abuse power. They could not bring themselves to believe that people would shred the constitution in order to destroy Donald Trump. They did not want to believe that there really was a conspiracy to remove Trump from office. But so many documented facts have been released that they can no longer ignore this. Not only are they aware of the reality of this, they are aware of the seriousness of this. That changes EVERYTHING.

A lot of people got 2020 vision and no one should underestimate the significance of that.


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