We are only days away from hot weather. The high-pressure ridge will move in, California skies will clear, and temperatures will soar. This happens every year.  But this year is going to be much hotter than normal, because of factors not involving the weather.

The California economy has been absolutely shredded by the extended lock-down. This is being exasperated by unnecessary fear. If the intent were to get everyone terrified by COVID-19, that worked brilliantly. Every decision is based solely on fear of COVID-19. We are arrogantly lectured about listening to the science, but there is little if any real science involved. They are frankly guessing.

We don’t even know if the lock-down and social distancing accomplished anything. It certainly did not stop the spread of the disease. We were told this was necessary to flatten the curve so our hospitals would not be over-whelmed. Our hospitals were not overwhelmed, and no one predicts they will be overwhelmed in the future. There is plenty of PPE and we are selling excess ventilators to other countries. Have you seen that flatten the curve graph lately? Me neither. You won’t see it because the original graphs based on computer models now look absurd.

If you think 2020 started out bad, we have only just begun. California is running out of money. It had to borrow money from the Federal Government to pay unemployment checks. Governor Newsom just cut the pay of every state employee by 10%. It won’t end there. Soon he is going to be announcing a hiring freeze and massive layoffs. Wait until they start cutting pension benefits. California is rapidly running out of cash. Income is way down, and expenses are skyrocketing. No business, no government, no state, no country can survive that kind of economic meltdown. The state must find a way to rapidly increase revenue while drastically cutting expenses. Instead our Governor is giving money to people here illegally. If you think people are angry and frustrated now, give it a week.

This is stupid and painful, and no one seems to consider what will happen when the California runs out of money. Who is going to loan this state money? The federal government? China?

So far, people have gone along, because the pain is not yet obvious and because they bought into the fear of the virus. That is about to change, quicker than the weather. At some point the truth will become too obvious to ignore. Sacramento remains shut down. As of today, they have had 1,211 confirmed cases and 54 deaths. California has had 74,396 confirmed cases and 3,108 deaths, and about half of them came from nursing homes. Los Angeles County has had 36,529 cases and 1,755 deaths. Fresno has had 1,156 cases and 16 deaths. San Francisco has 2,026 cases and 36 deaths. Only five counties have had more than 100 deaths: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, and Santa Clara. El Dorado has had no COVID 19 deaths. Placer has had 8. Yet the entire state is hunkered down in fear, At some point, when the devastation from a collapsed economy becomes all too real, even liberals will realize this is insane.

Look around you. What is obviously true is obviously true. Eventually what is obviously true becomes obvious to everyone.


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