We are now testing far more people for COVID 19. Previously, one could only get tested if they had serious symptoms and considered to be high risk. Unless, of course, you were an anchor on CNN. Then it was easy to get a test. But for most people, getting a test was far from easy. Even under this scenario, 85 percent of people tested negative. Clearly there was a lot of illness not related to COVID 19 at all. Yet no one in the MSM seemed to notice or care.

Our testing capacity and capability has risen dramatically. Tests are being afforded to those who do not have any symptoms at all. Recently, at a meat packing plant, people were horrified to learn that 307 people tested positive for COVID 19. But, one critical detail was omitted in the report: NONE of these people had any symptoms. The point being that if you test more people and they turn up positive, but they aren’t sick that is a very good thing. People who get the disease and don’t get sick are exactly what scientists want to see. It means that an increasing number in our population were able to develop the antibodies to thwart the disease. The greater number of people that develop this immunity will limit the number of those who contract the disease. A proposal was floated suggesting that those who had developed had antibodies to be given “immunity cards” as basically a “get out of jail card.”

It is increasingly obvious that the death toll related to COVID 19 is deliberately overstated. There are numerous reports about this. Yet no one in the MSM is investigating this at all, because the MSM needs an inflated death toll. It is a component of psychological warfare:  FEAR – it is essential to retaining power over the people.

Every day we get two numbers, delivered with hushed breath. The number of new cases and the number of new deaths. Both are considered warnings that the pandemic is not over. The shutdown is working, social distancing is working. You must obey. But the reality is the exact opposite. If the lock-down and the social distancing really worked, we should have already seen the disease peak and decline. That, after all, was the whole point.

I believe the disease continued to spread and neither the lock-down nor the social distancing had much impact. Since there is no scientific study that shows the disease is spread airborne, social distancing was destined to failure. You get this by touching droplets, which can hang around for days if not weeks. The real danger does not come from going to church and listening to a minister, it comes from going to Walmart and touching things touched by someone else.

In the meantime, while the disease has been spreading, most of the people getting it are not sick. As mentioned previously, the death rate is grossly exaggerated. But even at that, the most incredible thing about COVID 19 is the lack of morbidity. No one should want this disease and if you have underlying health conditions you should take precautions. But for the vast majority of people this disease is a big nothing. This is like the guy running away from a chihuahua who forgets to look both ways and gets run over by a truck. We may have just run away from a disease that was not that much of a threat and put our entire economy and way of life at risk. I easily predict that far more people will die unnecessarily because of the shutdown of our economy that could possibly have been saved from COVID 19.

Marin County, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge has been shut down since March 17th. Marin County has a population of about 230,000. As of today, there does not appear to be a single person in a hospital in Marin County because of COVID 19. But the beat goes on. Only now are they starting to relax the shelter in place orders a little.

Marin County has a lot of very wealthy residents. It is too bad that in a lot of cases this wealth did not result in an increase in common sense. These new restrictions are absurd. For example, any place open for business must now require face masks of everyone (except for very-young children). Day care facilities can now open, but only for clients who work in essential or outdoor businesses and strictly limited to 12 or fewer children.

This is the plan for your life should you decide to accept it. Arrogant people will make stupid decisions demanding we all listen to what they consider to be the science while ignoring the existing science. Be warned. If this works, you are going to see similar and even more restrictions on everything designed to protect us against Global warming (Climate Change). If they can scare you into destroying our economy because of a virus with a morbidity rate of about .1%, then anything is possible when fighting the global warming that threatens global human existence. Just like with COVID 19, any science that disagrees with that parroted by the cultured elite will be blocked and ignored. Consider this your global warning. If we do not learn from this, we are doomed, not because of climate change but because of a total loss of fundamental freedoms.


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