When I was in high school all my classes were in a special honors unit. The students in this group were very bright. One day, one of them told me I was too smart to believe in God. He meant it. He could not have been more wrong.

I have had the privilege of meeting some truly brilliant people. Some of them are world renown scientists. They also happened to be devout Christians. They are far smarter than the self-righteous arrogant fools who consider themselves to be the only ones who understand science. I have learned that the opposite is often true. Many of the true scientists are so stunned by the majesty of creation and the order of the universe that they cannot avoid recognizing the handiwork of the Creator.

That does not mean they all go to the same church or practice the same religion. But it does mean they understand something important. Everything (and I do mean everything) is all wonderfully complex yet dynamic at the same time. Every human on this planet has similar DNA, yet every person’s DNA has unique characteristics that allows scientists to look at a sample of DNA and determine it could only belong to one and only one person on this planet. There are many criminals in prison and worse because their DNA proved their guilt.

But, incredibly some of the same people who believe in DNA, also believe that there was no Creator and this is all the result of a series of mathematically impossible miracles occurring repeatedly over millennium resulting in the world we see today. Since these people do not believe in God, they have replaced God with their version of science. The result is they often delude themselves into believing things that are clearly not true.

We, as mere humans, cannot possibly understand or define God. God, on the other hand, does understand and define us. There is an old saying that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It was not talking about mass hysteria generated by a hell and brimstone preacher. It was talking about the day one realizes how exceedingly small we are indeed compared to the Creator.

Liberals are about to learn a hard lesson. In their arrogant self-righteous reliance on a false God they have often only self-identified as fools. No matter how arrogantly they state their beliefs it eventually becomes obvious that they were wrong. But it is extremely rare that they will even recognize this and even rarer that they will admit it.

We often see arrogant fools, elevated to positions they do not deserve in the MSM, ridicule others for believing in God. God, they point out, will not kill a virus. Science will do that. They literally laugh at a Vice President because he is a devote Christian. They worship at the feet of people who have made predictions that in retrospect were absurd. We must listen to the scientists, only the scientists they warn us scornfully. Incredibly they do this while often ignoring the true science going on under their nose.

Let me be blunt. God created the world where this virus was possible, and He created the world where the cure already exists. If man did nothing, this virus like every other pandemic would eventually self-destruct. This sometimes happened only after thousands if not millions of people died, but it always happened. The solution now is to find the cure that already exists and use God’s own miracle to defeat this. There will be a cure. It will not be a man-made element.

For example, Remdesivir uses a nucleotide analog that contains a nucleic acid analog combined with a sugar and a phosphate group. The theory is that this prevents viral duplication in infected cells. This is truly brilliant and the people who develop these drugs are to be praised, but this is recognizing the reality of the world, not creating it. In addition, science learns that resistance can develop quickly. That is why many of these wonder drugs are soon replaced by other wonder drugs when the virus mutates in response. I do not pretend to be smart enough to understand how this works and I certainly am not capable of developing something like this. I just recognize the difference between the Creator and the created. Remdesivir only exists because scientists recognized DNA and responded to what they learned.

We should be cautious regarding advice from those who have been so wrong. Following is a link to an article about how COVID 19 really spreads: It is from that right-wing rag the Washington Post:

“Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID 19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence.”

This was from a WHO report published in FEBRUARY.

Here is what scientists are reporting as of today:

A growing number of studies, including one published this week in the journal Nature, have found evidence that the coronavirus can remain suspended in the air in aerosol particles. That raises anew the question of whether and to what extent the virus can be transmitted as an aerosol — although the evidence is far from conclusive and no such infections have been documented.

The consensus so far is that the virus, although very contagious, spreads through respiratory droplets generated when people breathe, speak or cough and doesn’t infect people through particles that can linger in the air for hours, in the way that measles and some other viral diseases can.

If this is true, and it appears to be true, then none of this shutdown or social distances ever made any sense. It certainly does not support requiring everyone to wear masks. Clean surfaces, yes. Wash your hands, yes. Stay home if you are sick yes. Shut down the world economy, not so much.

This is why we were told face masks did not matter. Then we were told doctors and nurses desperately needed them. Now we are told that we all need to wear face masks, but they don’t necessarily have to actually work. Why would we listen to such idiotic and conflicting advice?  We are told it is safe to go to a liquor store or a marijuana distributorship but not a restaurant. Why? Who studied this? We were told it is OK to go to Costco and the grocery story, but not church. You can get an abortion but not a root canal. Seriously? We can’t even consider going to an outdoor festival or a sporting event. All of this based on science, for which there is no actual scientific evidence.

People are dying because they are not getting the treatment needed for the numerous things other than COVID 19 that can kill you. Hospital COVID 19 wards are jammed full while the rest of the hospital is empty. The most vulnerable people of all, those in nursing homes, who get sick are sent back to the most dangerous possible environment. Once again, all in the name of science.

Penicillin saved possibly millions of lives during World War II. God, not man, created penicillin. A scientist discovered it and discovered what it could do. That is the way it always works. The more we know about how God designed things the better we can deal with problems. The more we ignore God and pretend we are God the higher price we pay for stupidity.





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