Governor Gavin Newsom has set up an unwinnable battle against the religious community in California. He has announced that the state will open, within weeks, for school. He thought maybe by July. But he said it will take months before he will let churches reopen. There is zero chance they will put up with this.

The U.S. Constitution is crystal clear: Freedom of religion is guaranteed. While the State does have the ability, temporarily, in the event of an emergency to shut things down, the decision must be justified by facts.  Irrational fear of spreading a virus without decisive facts to support a conclusion is not enough. We can guarantee that some mega churches who have tremendous assets are going to take this on. They will have a strong and compelling case.

Regardless of what you believe about the risk, the government is compelled to do its due diligence in gathering facts and evidence. It is easy to understand why so many people are legitimately scared. They are listening to the MSM which constantly tries to elevate the panic. [For a moment, stand back, and listen for the degree of anxiety, volume, pitch, and inflection in the delivery voice. It’s not what they say, it’s how they say it.]  The masses are also listening to scientifically trained people like Dr. Fauci who says this will come back and it will be bad.  Truly, that message is genuinely scary, but when this is challenged in court, which is going to happen almost immediately, for the first time we will get an open discussion of facts and evidence. It will be a far cry from the one-sided mass hysteria reported by the MSM.

Remember that it is the government who must present a compelling case for what it has done. It does not have such a case. There has been no scientific study, anywhere, by anyone that shows that attending church is more dangerous than going to the supermarket or Walmart. The only distinction so far is that Governor Newsom considers Walmart to be essential and he does not consider church to be necessary at all. A lot of people are going to challenge him regarding that.

There have been a couple of churches were several people who attended became COVID 19 positive. But that is not proof they got it from attending church. It certainly does not prove that the same level of risk exists today. A lot of people assumed they got this in church, but assumptions are not evidence.

The self-righteous arrogant talking heads like Dr. Fauci, who are demanding that science govern all decisions, have zero science to support this decision. Just today Fauci is talking about one drug, which he says is potentially working well. But he warns us that we need clinical studies to be sure. We must have two groups of people in a long-term double-blind study that is evaluated by experts before science can approve anything. That sounds great, until you realize that no such study was done before Governor Newsom ordered churches to stay shuttered. It is quite simple, if no one can go to church, it is impossible to determine whether going to church represents any hazard at all. This is all pure speculation based solely on personal preference and arrogance.

Additionally, there are several highly qualified doctors who say the harm of shutting down the economy is doing more harm than good. There will be more, and their voices will become louder. Remember that in a court of law, it is the state that must prove its case and it cannot possibly achieve the goal – today.

There is also a distinct possibility that the state is making these decisions based on information that has been totally discredited. In the beginning awareness of the Covid-19 outbreak, the computer models predicted deaths of 2.4 million, in the U.S. alone. Today, we see that frightening number has not borne true. Few, if any of the predictions made by people like Dr. Fauci have proven to be accurate. Some might say it is better to over-promise and under-deliver rather than the opposite. But the media churn is not embracing the radically reduced numbers in favor of re-opening our economy.  What-if / worst case scenarios do not work well in the public sector for rational discussion and how to prepare or deal with it as seen in hoarding what is seen as fear of loss. At least some other places have done none of this and while the results are arguably worse than here, they are hardly catastrophic. In places like Sweden they may have steepened and shortened the curve, making it safer sooner for everyone. Flattening the curve is great, if it saves lives, but what if it prolongs the damage.

Don’t be surprised by some people who will quickly support churches. Smart businessmen will do that because people who go to church buy things too. We can be sure that these churches will have zero problem finding some of the most brilliant constitutional scholars in this country to make the case. The lawyer who tries and wins this case will be set for life.

Other organizations that need to draw crowds also have a vested interest in this. I wonder if those Hollywood elites consider, just a little, that if this continues, they will be highly impacted. If it is unsafe to go to church, it is unsafe to go to the movies, to attend a baseball game, a soccer game, a football game, a hockey game, a concert, a country fair or any place else where there are a lot of people. Churches are not the only ones who will become increasingly furious about this.

I believe we are on the verge of another Exodus. This one will be led by people, like Moses, who led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. It will start with a couple of business owners, like restaurants, who just defy authorities and re-open. In at least some locations the local police or sheriff departments will want no part arresting these people and ordering them to shut their doors. Oh, some police will do that, but wiser heads will want no part of that. First it will be one. Then, when people realize they are not being punished, others will join. Unless the local government is ready, willing and ABLE to stop this, it will soon become an irresistible force. No country, even a dictatorship with a powerful military, can survive if a significant percentage of the population refuses to comply with orders. In a dictatorship they can send in the military and start shooting people. That works, for at least a while, but the Berlin Wall taught us it doesn’t work forever. That type of tactic is not available in the U.S.  Even our Department of Justice under William Barr would step in to stop this. That means they can only force us to comply if we are willing to believe and comply.

Exodus is on the way and it will overwhelm anyone or anything in its path.


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