California is a huge state with millions of people, but our politics are dominated by people from major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Governor Newsom wants the entire state to stay shut down until the last coronavirus dies. I have a better solution that will open most of the state immediately and greatly reduce the risk from the coronavirus.

This is easier than you think. Just focus on the problem areas. We can isolate the entire San Francisco Bay area with 8 road blocks.  The locations are obvious; Hwy 101 at the Sonoma County line, I 80, in Fairfield, just east of the Hwy 680 interchange, Hwy 4 at Antioch, I 580 at Livermore, Hwy 17 at Scotts Valley and Hwy 101 at Morgan Hill.

The people living in the Bay Area could whatever they want, as long as they stay in the Bay Area. We will gladly leave them alone.

It is even easier to isolate the Los Angeles Area. Block I 5 at the northern end of the grapevine, Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 at Santa Barbara, Hwy 14 at Lancaster, Hwy 15 at Barstow, I 210 at Patton, I 10 at Redlands Heights and I 10 at Banning.

This would isolate La La land from the land of the living. The potential for the spread of the virus to the rest of the state would be minimal and manageable. This would leave plenty of space and facilities for the people who live there and they can handle their own needs. If you want to include San Diego, just bock I 8 at El Centro.

There you are. Problem solved with 8 road blocks in Northern California, 9 more in the LA area and one in San Diego. The CHP could easily handle this and it would probably save time and money because it would take less manpower to manage the road blocks than they spend now. This would also cut down significantly on air pollution and traffic in the rest of the state. Granted, we would miss some of these people, but in the nicest possible way. When the last virus dies and Governor Newsom gives his blessing, it would be safe to remove the road blocks.

This miracle would be possible because God granted California terrain where there are a limited number of roads. While this would not block every possible route, it would block about 99% of the traffic. The rest of them wouldn’t even notice much difference between this and normal Bay Area and LA traffic.

We could open the rest of the state with much less risk.



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