After I wrote my blog this morning, I did some more research.  My observations were so at odds with what is being reported that I was concerned. Well to my surprise I just discovered this article which basically reached the same conclusions:

IMHE Coronavirus Model the White House is Relying on is GARBAGE – It Predicted 121,000 Americans Hospitalized by Yesterday; Actual Number?… 31,142

I did not address the hospitalization prediction, but if this is accurate, and it looks accurate, then the hospitalization rate is about 1/4th of what was predicted. This is consistent with what Gov. Cuomo was saying today. It is at least nice to learn that I am not the only one who reached this conclusion.


One thought on “IMHE

  1. When in doubt, invoke a computer solution:

    Just remember, the same people that build models of COVID epidemics are using the same tools as those wonderful folks who model weather and tomorrow’s stock market.

    The purpose of computers is INSIGHT, not NUMBERS.

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