As of today, the U.S. shows 135,957 cases, 2,391 deaths and 4,378 recovered. In addition, there are 2,948 people considered to be in serious or critical condition because of COVID 19. The number of recoveries is highly misleading. Once a person who has tested for the disease stops having symptom, they are quarantined for 14 days. Then, in order to be considered recovered, they must be tested twice and with negative results. Yet how many of them are even tested?

In order to get tested in the U.S., you must be a health care worker, a first responder or someone either at risk because of age and health or you must be seriously ill. Anyone else asking to be tested will be told to suck it up and go home for 14 days. If you recovered, you won’t be tested, because you have passed the quarantine period anyway.

Results show that 85% of people being tested do not have the disease. This means we have probably tested close to one million people by now. But odds are few of those tests are being given to people who appear to be recovered. That is why the recovery rate is ridiculous low.

Two things will change explosively next week. Numerous doctors ignored the advice of medical experts like the Democratic governors of Michigan and Nevada and have been prescribing Hydroxychloroquine. I have seen no reports where anyone was injured by this drug. I have seen numerous reports that it is working wonders. Two doctors in New York have prescribed this to over 800 patients. None have died, none have been incubated and only two have been hospitalized. Dr. Didier Raoul, a French doctor, was the first to report success. His initial results were downplayed as being from too small a sample to consider. He has since released an even larger study with similar results. All over the world, other than in Michigan and Nevada, doctors are prescribing this.

Clearly the pharmaceutical industry believes. At least seven different pharmaceutical companies are mass producing this and there may be up to 250 million doses available by mid-April. They are only doing this for one reason, they believe it works.

There are still a lot of doctors practicing medicine in Missouri and demanding show me results. The problem is that if we follow their advice we will know if this works just about in time for next spring. We obviously cannot wait that long. The people who are currently ill or who are exposed to the virus absolutely cannot wait that long. They won’t have to. The results are going to become obvious starting next week.

New tests have been developed that change everything. Previously it took up to two days to get a result. Now it takes about 15 minutes and a positive result is received in five minutes.  Hundreds of thousands of those test kits are on the way. We are already seeing massive testing and by next weeks this will skyrocket.

Now combine the two. People treated with hydroxychloroquine are not only getting better, they are getting better FAST. Some report that after six days they are testing negative.  Thanks to the new test, we will soon have evidence of that. That means many of those patients who started getting the drug this week will start testing negative next week. If that happens, watch the “recovered” statistic to skyrocket. When the number of recoveries starts to exceed the number of new cases, the end is near. Most people think Trump is insane to talk about starting to re-open the country on Easter Sunday. But, if we start seeing a ton of recoveries, that just may happen.

I predict that by the 4th of July, this pandemic will be discussed in historical terms. People will be far more concerned about getting the economy moving again.

I believe there will be wide-spread use of hydroxychloroquine, much more testing, and much more selective isolation of people with the disease. This will create a perfect storm of medicine and science that will blow COVID 19 out of existence.

It will, of course, take the MSM much longer to notice. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will never figure this out. It will take even longer for some people to grudgingly admit that Trump was right about this. But you will know. Your neighbor will know and soon the whole world will know the truth.

You won’t have to wait much longer. Now you are inundated with only bad statistics. The number of new cases and the number of deaths. This looks like it is bad and getting worse. But all the numbers you see are based on things that happened three weeks ago. Nothing you see is based on things that happened last week. Either the entire world is insane and shut down their economies in a failed attempt to delay the inevitable, or they are right, and at least some of this worked. In addition, all the horrible predictions are based on no treatment, no cure and no vaccine. The vaccine will take months, but the cure may already be here. If it is not here now, they are testing at least 70 other drugs and one of them will work. Now is the time to consider selling that excess toilet paper and start preparing for a brighter future.  Easter Sunday, maybe, 4th of July, you bet!


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