Joe Biden has won the DNC nomination. Bernie is not ready to admit that, yet, but Biden has won. Technically, Biden didn’t win, everyone else lost. Biden only campaigned in Iowa and New Hampshire and he got hammered in both states. He barely showed up in the rest of the states and that turned out to be the winning strategy. Most people don’t know much about Joe Biden, other than he seems to be a nice guy and he has been around forever. They know a lot about the other candidates and they hate all of them. Bernie is the only DNC candidate with a real following and his followers are far left of the main stream Democratic Party. Most of the other candidates didn’t make it past South Carolina. Even Elizabeth Warren bowed out after Super Tuesday. Tulsi Gabbard can hardly be considered a candidate since she couldn’t actually compete with anyone anywhere. Her political career is probably headed toward being a Fox News contributor.

So, now Joe stands alone and no one even pretends he is up to the challenge. We are about to see a nationwide stealth campaign. We will see commercials. We will see surrogates. We will see carefully scripted, extremely short public appearances, strictly limited to what is displayed on the TelePrompter. The MSM will instantly go into cover-up mode, refusing to cover any negative stories about Biden. Watch for the Biden campaign try, and fail, to prevent Fox News from covering any of his events. The MSM will greatly reduce camera shots to reduce the risk of catching Joe in a moment of candor. We will see everything, but the candidate himself.

The DNC debate is likely to be masterfully produced with the sole intent of protecting Joe Biden. They have already used the coronavirus as an excuse to eliminate a live audience. The debate will be on CNN with hosts Dana Bash and Jake Tapper plus Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. All will be warned not to embarrass Joe. All of them hate Bernie, but Bernie has lost, so they really won’t care what he says about anything, as long as he doesn’t rip on Biden. They will encourage him to rip on Donald Trump. Joe will get carefully worded softball questions for which he is already being coached to read the scripted answer. It is far from certain he can handle even that. Answers will be limited to 30 seconds, so that Joe has neither the need nor the time to think. Time limits will be ignored for Bernie. Strictly enforced for Joe. Remember during the last debate the only thing Joe got right was to shut up when his time was up.

Everything possible will be done to reduce the risk for Biden. One thing they will easily achieve, with or without special effort, is to make this the most boring debate in world history. CNN’s ratings are already in the tank and that won’t change. Even Democrats won’t watch, because they have already settled on Biden. While Bernie will view this as his last chance to sell himself to American, America will probably be watching something else. Anything else.

This is still very high risk for Biden, because there is zero potential he will be impressive and there is high risk he embarrasses himself. Since he doesn’t need to impress, they may even sedate him. That would be perfect, because he will already be sitting down and if he does poorly, they can blame it on coronavirus meds.

Following the debate, I wouldn’t even be surprised to have Joe Biden self-isolate to protect himself and others from the coronavirus. That would be a perfect solution. He will look kind of presidential, because he won’t be talking. He has an excuse for not campaigning and people have an excuse for not going to a campaign rally. We are going to be inundated with a lot of talking heads explaining why Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to defeat Donald Trump. Michael Bloomberg will probably spend another $500 million on commercials. We just won’t actually see much of Joe Biden. If you think the liberal left is good at smoke and mirrors, you haven’t you haven’t seen anything yet.

I wouldn’t even be surprised to see the DNC start cancelling primary elections, because of the coronavirus.

This may actually work, up until the DNC convention. But at some point, Joe Biden is going to have to do something, somewhere, sometime. But don’t be surprised if, for safety reasons, his acceptance speech at the DNC is done by video.There will be an attempt to cancel all presidential debates because of the coronavirus.  A coronavirus caused by Donald Trump. If it is possible to win an election for president by not actually campaigning, then Joe Biden is your guy.

I doubt that this will work, because although CNN is exactly this stupid, the rest of the country is not. That is why Joe Biden is winning now. Most Democrats voted against the insane class. Most, but not enough of them, will vote for Biden in the general election because he is a Democrat. Others will vote for him because they cannot and will not ever vote for Trump. Some will vote for him assuming that his VP will soon take over. But no one will even pretend that Joe’s the man. Very few people will vote for Joe Biden because they think Joe Biden will make a great president. They will vote for Joe, the straw man.

I doubt that anyone thinks this will work, but it will be tried because they are out of other options. When you’re about to go down for the last count, you will clutch at any straw. Joe Biden is the ultimate last straw man. Clutching at straws seldom works. We better all pray it doesn’t work now, because the only thing certain is that Joe Biden will never be the person calling the shots if he is elected President.

If you want to see what this looks like, check out the last part of Woodrow Wilson’s term as President or better yet read up on the Howard Hughes story.


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