I used to live in Michigan. Several years were in the Upper Peninsula (UP) and later in Grand Rapids, Michigan. People who live in the UP frequently refer to Lower Michigan as the “mitten.” A lot of people I know in Michigan give directions by pointing to their right hand.  Your right hand, with the thumb slightly extended looks a lot like Lower Michigan. So, when I refer to Lower Michigan as the “mitten” is it not an insult, it is just reality.

Today Michigan is holding the primary election. You can blame the results on the mitten, because the six people still living in the UP aren’t enough to have a big impact. Unlike California, people will have to identify themselves, before voting, so this election has a lot more credibility. Unless all of the polls are wrong, Joe Biden is likely to wipe the floor with Bernie Sanders. If that happens, many of the pundits think this will end any chance of Bernie winning the nomination. It may take several more weeks for Bernie to admit that, but that is how a lot of people will view the results. But, if there is one person capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, it is Joe Biden. He was actually doing fairly well in New Hampshire, until he got into a public screaming match with a voter. After that, his support disappeared overnight. Well, Joe did it again. Someone challenged him on gun control and Biden lost his cool. It may be too late for this to have an impact, but at least Joe gave it his best effort.

Either way, it is hard to find fault with a state delivering the death blow to Bernie’s campaign. If he is not actually a communist he sure seems to admire the way they run things. He probably could have beat Biden, if he had resisted explaining why Castro did some cool things while destroying Cuba. This was so bad that even CNN noticed which is pretty astonishing.

On the other hand, it is equally difficult to explain how anyone could consider Joe Biden to be a viable option for President of the United States. At this point the problems are so obvious that I am not sure Joe Biden considers himself to be a viable candidate. He is just better (less bad) than any of the other DNC candidates, including Bernie.

The real blame here lies not with the good folks living in the mitten, it belongs solely to the geniuses at the DNC that that narrowed the choice down to this pathetic pair. Throw in a lot of credit to the MSM which is well aware of the problem but totally unwilling to tell anyone. This, of course, is the same media that had no concern regarding Biden bribing Ukraine with about $1 billion of your money to force them to fire a specific prosecutor. Trump asking questions about it, however, was the crime of the century.

Either way the vote goes today it is probably going to do more to re-elect Donald Trump than help either of these two losers win the nomination from the DNC. As for me, I always root for the mitten. Even when it looks like a bad mitten.


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