Democrats dream of California deciding the next general election for President of the United States. They want to provide the same level of leadership for the country that we have endured in California. If the election was based solely on the popular vote, that is exactly what would happen. During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote by a significant margin, until you add in the votes from California.  The numbers are very well documented. Hillary got 65,853,562 votes nationwide vs Trump with 62,985,134. The national margin of victory for Hillary was 2,868,518. In California, Hillary got 8,753,788 vs Trump with 4,483,810. The California margin of victory for Hillary was 4,269,978. It gets even worse when you take a look at Los Angeles County. In Los Angeles County alone Hillary got 2,464,364 votes while Trump only got 769,743. That was a margin of 1,694,621 or nearly 60% of the national margin for Hillary. By the way, Los Angeles County had to agree to a consent decree that will remove about 1,500,000 people from the voter registration rolls because they either don’t live there anymore or they are deceased. California has more registered voters than they have live citizens eligible to vote.

Once again, California has proven that it cannot run any election fairly and certainly cannot run one efficiently. We won’t know the actual results of the primary election until April. California law allows that much time to count. In every recent election, where the race was even close, late counting always favored liberals and Democrats. Miraculously, time after time, it was Democrats who gained dramatically in those late counted votes. I can find no instance where late vote counting favored a Republican. Perhaps there was one, but I am not aware of that.

So, if a national election were to be decided by popular vote, it would be decided solely by California. Election night would look like a replay of the Iowa Caucuses. Wise pundits would look at the results and ask one simple question. Are there enough uncounted votes outstanding to swing the election to the Democrat? If the answer is yes, that is exactly what will happen. It may take days, weeks or close to a month, but the result will be inevitable. Additional ballots, filled out by persons unknown, dropped off by persons unknown, collected by persons unknown, delivered to persons unknown and counted by persons unknown would determine the results of the next election. We could know the actual results of the election by Thanksgiving or at least early December. It would only be a matter of how long it took to find enough votes to push the Democrat over the top.

When you combine that with California giving driver’s licenses to people who are not here legally, with motor voter registration, with no voter id, with zero chain of custody documentation regarding ballots, with more registered voters than living citizens of voting age, why would you have any faith in any election held in this state?

I would probably have more faith voting in an election in Moscow, because at least they would pretend to be paying attention. In California, they don’t even pretend anymore. During the 2016 election, my wife and I went to a polling station. We voluntarily showed our ID, although no one cared. They just asked for our address and showed us where to sign. This year there was only one voting station in Folsom and you had to do research to find that. The instructions we got with our ballot only told us where to locate drop off boxes, if we didn’t want to mail it in. We went to the same location where we could actually vote in 2016. No one checked anything. There was zero attempt to document who we were. We didn’t sign anything. The only guidance we got was a finger pointed at a box with a slot in front where were could drop our ballot. We assume that once Democrats have enough votes to meet their requirements someone may get around to counting our ballot too.

California knows this is insane. Here are the instructions for voting in person:

Check-in with the Vote Center staff.

  1. Wait patiently while the Vote Center staff confirms your eligibility to vote.
  2. Tell the Vote Center staff if you would like to vote at the Vote Center or need a replacement ballot to take away and return later (by 8pm on Election Day).
  • ​You may or may not have to provide personal identification when you vote in-person. Visit the Secretary of State’s website for more information.
  1. Wait for your ballot to print or for your access to an accessible ballot marking device.
  2. Vote for the contests and candidates of your choice. You do not have to vote on every contest listed on your ballot – it is up to you!
  3. When finished voting, insert your voted ballot into the designated ballot box. Your ballot will be counted at the elections main office at 7000 65th Street. The Vote Center staff will give you an “I Voted” sticker – wear it proudly!

Why bother waiting patiently while the vote center staff confirms eligibility to vote when you can just drop your ballot in a box and walk away?

Some of you, who live in other states, may be wondering why this is a problem. The answer is that unless this changes and unless we retain the Electoral College, this is exactly how every national election will be decided. Then the rest of you can wake up each morning to a state  run like California. Where the Assembly, the Senate and every state-wide office is dominated by liberal democrats. They will be incredibly diverse with regard to gender, gender preference, race, religion and any other politically correct demographic considered to be important. What they won’t be is smart, honest or remotely competent, but, that doesn’t matter, because the group photo hug is spectacular. Best of all, you get a great “I Voted Sticker.”


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