Joe Biden may just be able to win the DNC nomination. If some of the recent polls are accurate, which is always a reach, Bernie could have a tough day. Just last week Bernie looked like he would win big in California, Texas, North Carolina, and Minnesota.  Polls today show that Biden may do better in all four states. It is interesting to note that no one is talking about Michael Bloomberg being a factor. For better or worse, the Democratic establishment has decided to go all in on Biden.

That sounds great, until one realizes that Joe Biden is an awful candidate. In addition to the daily gaffs, his creepy behavior toward young girls and his lack of any accomplishments, the corruption accusations still loom large. Although the MSM considers those corruption allegations to be irrelevant, the opposite is true. There simply is no good explanation for Biden bragging about withholding $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine in exchange for firing a specific prosecutor. This would look bad even if his son wasn’t hired by one of the suspect firms. None of Biden’s Democratic opponents bothered to attack him regarding his real record during the primary election season. One suspects that they all thought Biden would defeat himself by being, well, Biden. They were right to believe that. Up until Saturday, Biden had NEVER won a Democratic primary or caucus in any of his prior attempts to become President of the United States.

It now looks like Biden has a chance of getting to the DNC convention with enough delegates to secure the nomination. But, there the rub. That does not mean that Biden miraculously became a good candidate. That would be impossible. It is rather that the other candidates were even worse. Or more accurately, he became the only viable alternative to Bernie. Biden’s sole value may be a perceived ability to stop Bernie.

He may not even do that, if the polls are wrong. There has been a lot of early voting and Bernie may still win big today. But assume for a second that Biden does stop Bernie. That does not mean that the DNC has suddenly gone brain dead and remains oblivious to the fact that he is a horrible candidate. There is a more sinister potential here. What if the DNC does not actually want Biden, they just desperately want to get rid of Bernie? That is easy to understand. They see the same daily gaffs. The warning signs are all blinking red.

But the DNC could not afford to have Bernie arrive at the convention with a head of steam. If they took the nomination away from him, after he had won it during the primary elections, there would literally be a civil war in the Democratic Party. On the other hand, if Bernie is the nominee, many establishment Democrats predict a Republican landslide in November. The democratic establishment has been showing signs of desperation for several weeks.

This caused me to reflect on what would happen if Joe Biden wins the nomination but is clearly unable to compete in a general election campaign. Hmmm. No Bernie, and then no Biden either. The DNC could replace him with someone else, it would even look like the right thing to do. “Win one for Biden” would be the battle cry for the general election. The MSM would buy something like this.

If I were Joe Biden, or a member of his family who cares about him as a person, this would cause me grave (pun intended) concern. Just because Joe wins the primary elections doesn’t mean anyone really wants him as the nominee. That could just put him in a precarious position on a shaky pedestal.

It would be wonderful if we lived in a world where this would be unthinkable. It would be great to believe that no one in either party would be capable of such unimaginable evil. But that would require one to ignore the simple fact that every Democrat in the House, with only two exceptions, voted to impeach and remove a President of the United States from office without anything close to just cause. It would require one to ignore the fact that every Democrat in the United States Senate voted to convict and remove a President of the United States from office even though the House Managers case was so pathetic those same Democratic Senators begged for additional witnesses.

If no senior member of the Democratic establishment could bring themselves to do the right thing even when the impeachment of President of the United States is at issue, why would one ever expect them to do the right thing now.

If congratulations are due to Joe Biden, which is far from certain, such congratulations should come with a huge warning. Are these people behind you, or are they really just against Bernie? Once Bernie is out of the way, how will they value you then? For Joe Biden, the cost of winning may result in the biggest possible loss.


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