Next Tuesday 15 states will all vote to hold their primary election. It is hard to imagine a more bizarre and unpredictable set of circumstances. In addition to the meltdown on national TV by all of the DNC candidates, we have the plunging stock market caused by the Coronavirus hysteria. If one of the DNC candidates was capable of showing leadership, they could seize the day. But, they all view leadership primarily in terms of trashing Trump.

Unless something happens, eventually people will realize that they aren’t sick with coronavirus, no else they know is sick with coronavirus, and those people who are sick with coronavirus are more likely to recover than people who catch the flu. In the meantime there will be tremendous damage from the hysteria.

Coronavirus is a serious problem in China and other places, but it may never be a serious problem here. One thing, overlooked, is who Trump put in charge of the CDC. Dr. Robert Ray Redfield, Jr, is a virologist. He allegedly banned terms like “evidence-based”, “fetus” and “transgender” in budget documents. He appears to be deliberately avoiding political correctness and instead focusing on the core job of the CDC to protect us against things like the coronavirus. He may be exactly the type of person we need running this agency during this situation. While Democrats routinely accuse Trump of being anti-science, the reality is that he appointed a real scientist to run this important agency.

One would be wise to listen to Dr, Redfield him because he is an expert in the field and he has actual facts.

“The risk to the American public is low. We have an aggressive containment strategy that really has worked up to this time, 15 cases in the United States. Until the last case that we just had in Sacramento we hadn’t had a new case in two weeks,” he said, referring to a case diagnosed Wednesday in California. That person has no known contact with an infected person.

“In some countries this has moved very quickly, like we saw in Korea now, where we had more cases in Korea in the last 24 hours than we had in all of China. We’ve seen in Italy, it’s moving fast, in Iran, it’s moving fast,” Redfield said. “But other countries have really used a containment and a blended mitigation strategy like Singapore and Hong Kong and they have really limited the spread after the initial introduction from China.”

Now compare that to John Garamendi who wants us to order 100,000 test kits from South Korea, where they actually have a serious problem. Garamendi failed to notice that there is considerable dispute as to whether these test kits even work.

Democrats view this as Trump’s Katrina and they are desperate to have this be a major crisis that they can use to defeat Trump. What they are forgetting is that no one in his or her right mind wants this kind of crisis. Openly rooting for disaster is not actually appealing to most people. Watch for Democrats to quickly morph to working together in a bi-partisan manner when it becomes obvious that they are losing the media war.

In the meantime, the beat goes on. Next Tuesday was supposed to be a defining moment for the country. It will be a defining moment, but it is likely to define Democrats as hopelessly incompetent.

Bernie Sanders is getting hammered from all sides, including from a lot of Democrats. Joe Biden is, well, Joe Biden. It is hard to imagine him beating anyone in an election for anything. He is only leading now because everyone else running is much worse. None of the above, if available, would be the instant front runner. Michael Bloomberg tried to buy his way in, but even this amount of money can’t buy you love and it certainly can’t buy a personality.

It looks like Joe will win in South Carolina and Florida. That will create at least the illusion of success. Bernie will win in California. No one knows who will win in Texas. Bernie has spent a lot of time there and he is leading in the polls, but by a small margin. Biden was way ahead until about a week ago. Bernie passed him and now both are showing a downward trend. The MSM keeps reporting that Texas is turning blue, but Republicans keep winning big. The MSM often gets confused and forgets that Texas is a really big state and Harris is only one county. Perhaps the real question will be whether anyone bothers to show up and vote in Texas next Tuesday.

Tuesday night may be stunning primarily because there will be so little results to report that actually matter. At least they will have votes to discuss, unlike Iowa Caucus night, but the most consist theme will be chaos. This will be so bad that commentators are likely to spend more time talking about the coronavirus than the election. Then, when they finally get to sign off the air and go home, they will look for a place that serves real Coronas.


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