It is increasingly obvious that the deep state is at war with the Trump administration. The fact that Federal Judges would organize together to complain about this Attorney General is unprecedented. If he caves to this pressure, the results will be catastrophic, for the rule of law in this country.

This is more evidence of a systemic problem in our judicial system that dates back decades. Judges should make decisions based on the constitution and the law, not on personal bias. Yet, Democrats have been appointing activist judges for years and we are paying a heavy price for this.

When you read this, keep in mind that Federal judges have routinely ruled against the Trump administration making absurd rulings often rejected by the Supreme Court. We have a lot of activist judges out there who think they and they alone get to determine what is and is not law. Many of these cases resulted in new laws that would never have been passed by any congress.

Now, several of them have banded together to fight against Trump asking reasonable questions about what looks and feels like politically motivated prosecution. According to this letter, federal judges are to be elevated to sainthood, sacred and above reproach.

In the Roger Stone case it has been recently documented that this judge allowed someone on the Jury was who highly prejudiced against Trump and Stone. When you combine this with a proposed sentence of nine years, for non-violent crimes, there is just cause for Trump to be outraged. There is just cause for all of us to be outraged.

Trump is fighting back. He is showing zero signs of intimidation. He pardoned Bernie Kerik, former New York police commissioner. He pardoned Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. former owner of the SF 49ers. He commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich. Some will scream that all of these pardons are politically motivated. They will be right about that. But they will be missing something important. If the MSM really investigates questionable presidential pardons they should be looking at the pardons issued by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. For example: Obama pardoned people like James Cartwright and commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning.

The pardon of Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. was pure theater. It was announced to reporters by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley standing there with James Brown on one side and Jerry Rice on the other side.

This is obviously pure politics, the difference is that Trump knows how to play the game and those federal judges do not. There is no better example of that than the Roger Stone fiasco. The MSM loved to trash Roger Stone and he is an easy person to dislike, but that does not make him a criminal. It does not justify allowing an obviously prejudiced person to not only sit on that jury, but to actually be the head juror. It also does not justify a DOJ asking for a 9 year sentence on a 68 year old man who is a lot of things, but a threat to society is not on the list. Combine this with the decision to not pursue criminal charges against people like Greg Craig and Andrew McCabe and we all should be asking what is going on with federal judges.

The good news is that John Durham is now reported to be investigating the prosecutors on the Mueller team. For the first time, someone competent with unimpeachable integrity is investigating the investigators. A lot of people, including me, believe that the entire Russia collusion narrative was actually abuse of power by President Obama, supported by deep state operatives he had implanted during his two terms as President. If that is true and if they are held accountable, it will change everything. The good news is that either way, Durham is investigating and he will report the truth regardless of who it hurts or who it helps.


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