Attorney General William Barr has done something remarkable. He has finally taken the steps necessary to remove political bias from the DOJ. This bias has been palpable for a long time. The DOJ did become weaponized for political purposes. But this was not done by William Barr, it was done by Eric Holder.

The following article by documents this very well:

It was the DOJ under Eric Holder that tried and failed to prosecute a peaceful abortion protestor. A federal judge noted “the nearly total lack of evidence of any violation of the law.” This article goes on to note that “politically motivated hiring in the civil rights ranks that has gone on in parts of the Justice Department, such as (but not limited to) the Civil Rights Division, guarantees that radical ideologues will continue to permeate the department for years.” Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor said: “under Eric Holder the Justice Department has become a  ‘full employment program’ for progressive activists, race-obsessed bean counters and lawyers who volunteered their services during the Bush years to help al Qaeda operatives file lawsuits against the United States.”

The MSM totally ignored the abuse of power by the Obama DOJ. This should have been beyond obvious with all the unanimous Supreme Court decisions against the DOJ under Eric Holder. Instead, the ultra-left MSM was too busy worshiping at Obama’s feet to notice.

It is important to keep this in consideration when one reads about 1,100 former DOJ officials who wrote a letter demanding William Barr resign. This also makes it very easy to understand why some prosecutors still working within the DOJ continue to make inexplicable choices, like refusing to prosecute Andrew McCabe disregarding the solid evidence of his repeated perjury. It also puts the prosecution of Roger Stone and Paul Manafort in proper perspective.

Both Sessions and Barr inherited a DOJ that had been hopelessly sabotaged by politically motivated hiring of prosecutors during the Obama administration. One of the side effects of the Russia Collusion investigation is that many of these people self-identified. A significant number of senior FBI officials have been removed or set aside. The next step is to do the same thing regarding federal prosecutors. There are encouraging signs that William Barr and John Durham are doing exactly that.

In retrospect, the Roger Stone case was a major mistake by these politically motivated prosecutors. They went way too far, and the bias is beyond obvious. Roger Stone is one strange bird and he probably did violate some laws, but there was zero justification for pre-dawn swat team raid, conveniently videoed for prosperity by a CNN crew who just happened to be in the area. There was even less justification for demanding a nine-year prison sentence. Ultimately, they gave Barr what he desperately needed, cold hard undeniable proof of systemic and continuing bias within the DOJ.

Four prosecutors have already resigned. Andrew Weissman is whining that Attorney General Barr is starting a new investigation into James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok. Weissman, famous for prosecutorial misconduct, was the real leader of the Mueller investigation. He has a long personal record of prosecutorial misconduct. Weissman was part of the absurd indictment against Arthur Andersen, LLP. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned that verdict, but only after Arthur Andersen had been destroyed. The court not only found the jury instructions to be a problem but noted that Arthur Andersen was indicted for conduct that was not criminal. Sound familiar?

Four Merrill Lynch executives went to prison for up to a year only to have that verdict overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. In that case, Weissman and others suppressed evidence favorable to the defense. Again, does this sound familiar?

If Weissman is concerned over how William Barr is handling things at the DOJ, it is time to celebrate. It is interesting to note that Michael Flynn’s new attorney is Sidney Powell. She is a former federal prosecutor and has been exposing people like Weismann for a long time. One would be wise to avoid underestimating Ms. Powell.

Many of us have grown weary at the repeated pattern of vicious and often illegal prosecution of anyone considered favorable to Trump, while the same prosecutors ignore the Clinton Crime syndicate. Sometimes it really feels like the good guys never win and evil always triumphs. But I am reminded, that truth always outs and although justice often takes too long it does prevail in the end. That usually happens when someone new arrives on the scene. Someone ready, willing and able to take the action necessary so that justice can prevail. That is what happened to Al Capone and the Mafia. History has many examples of justice being delivered to those who seemed to be immune from the consequences of their actions. Ask El Capo about that.

There will be an all-out assault on William Barr. Democrats are desperately trying to either force him to resign or to give them grounds for impeachment. But one thing has changed. The character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh and the Impeachment of Donald Trump has forced Republicans to confront the reality of the Democratic Party. This time Republicans are showing zero interest in cooperating or even negotiating with Democrats. They have finally figured out that one cannot compromise with those who have repeatedly demonstrated that their sole goal is to shred our constitution and our liberties in their lust for absolute power.

They often say that the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Those days, thankfully, are gone. There is a new day coming. It has taken far too long. We still have longer to wait, but the day of reckoning may be much closer than you think.


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