It really doesn’t get more bizarre than this. Michael Avenatti gained national fame because he represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donald Trump. The MSM loved him and some even thought he would be a good candidate for the DNC nomination to be President of the United States. All the red flag warnings were flying high, but since he hated Donald Trump nothing else mattered. According to the following link he was on CNN 121 times, MSNBC 108 times, ABC News 12 times, 7 times on CBS, 5 times on NBC and twice on Fox News.


Few, other than Tucker Carlson, seemed to notice that Avenatti was spouting utter nonsense and had zero credibility. Other, now wiser, people eventually figured this out. Avenatti tried to get Nike to give him $20 million unless they hired him to conduct an internal investigation. Nike, although stupid enough to puff Colin Kaepernick, is not this stupid so they turned him in for extortion.

Avenatti was held in solitary confinement at a New York federal prison Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). His bond was revoked for probable violations of his pretrial conditions and allegedly hiding assets to defraud creditors. CNN reported on this but failed to acknowledge that he was formerly a superstar on their network:


Today he was found guilty. He is still facing additional charges in California. Odds are it will be a long long time, if ever, before Michael Avenatti gets another opportunity in free society to wreak havoc.

It is sad to see anyone face this kind of future, even when it appears to be so well earned. But what is really pathetic is that in their lust to destroy Donald Trump, so many supposed smart people actually took this man seriously. I believe we are the verge of a lot of people, other than Avenatti, finding themselves in a very different world.

There are signs that William Barr is no longer messing around. The significant of his interference with the Roger Stone case is that four Mueller prosecutors resigned. While Barr will play by the rules, he is on it and we are all very likely to see some very important results sooner than you can imagine.

Perhaps the most important subject is the origins of the Russian collusion investigation. I can remember when Obama said that our intelligence agencies had proved that Russia not only interfered in our election, it did so on behalf of Donald Trump. I was immediately suspicious, not that Russia would try to interfere, but rather that they would favor Donald Trump. It just seemed logical that they would prefer someone who allowed them to buy 20% of our Uranium and whose husband was get $500,000 to bore an audience in Moscow. Just saying.

We bless my soul, Lindsey Graham is requesting interviews of 17 current and former DOJ and FBI officials asking them to kindly explain how these geniuses reached that conclusion. Some of them would be wise to consider how things are going for Michael Avenatti. If the narrative about Russia trying to help Hillary Clinton is proved false, the entire case for investigating Trump also collapses. That would result in the ultimate blow back. It would make the people who believed in Michael Avenatti look good in comparison.

Ave Naughty and he got caught. So sad, too bad for him, but possibly great news for the country.


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