It looks like the DNC nomination will be a race between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Biden is done; his funds are already drying up. Elizabeth Warren is falling faster than Biden. The only other candidate with anything resembling a pulse is Klobuchar and if she can’t beat Pete, well, she can’t beat anyone.

Buttigieg is only considered a possible candidate because Democrats are terrified about Bernie. He has never even won a state wide election, anywhere. His record as Mayor South Bend, Indiana is spotty at best and South Bend has just over 100,000 people. Folsom will be bigger than South Bend in the near future. But his real problem is that he arrogantly and self-righteously criticizes anyone who disagrees with him. His latest sermon was on why Christians need to support late term abortion. The more people learn about him the less likely he will be considered a legitimate candidate for President. He only looks good in comparison to the worst slate of candidates in American history.

I know some of you are think: “what if Pete Buttigieg was actually elected president?” I mean Obama didn’t have any qualifications for the job either. That, of course, is true. But, for all his faults, Pete Buttigieg is no Barack Obama. For one thing, he appears to have zero support in the black community. He also lacks the charisma of Obama. We can expect Buttigieg to surge, until people learn more about him, and then his drop will be precipitous. The best comparison would be with Howard Dean who looked great, until people realized he was shrieking nonsense.

Smart Democrats have to be absolutely terrified. But, this is what happens when your current leadership team is aging out and there is absolutely no one in the pipeline. Most teams, with this type of problem, would be trying to recruit someone from the competition.

I know. How about Mitt Romney? He would probably jump at the chance to run for President as a Democrat. He certainly hates Trump enough. He could even pray about it so that God would inform his decision. But, sadly, even Democrats are not that dumb.

Democrats are probably already on a fossil hunt. John Kerry has volunteered, but no one cares. Hillary is desperate enough to volunteer to run for VP, although only Biden would be stupid enough to consider that as an option. They may try to recruit Michelle Obama or Oprah, but it is far from certain that either have any interest. Plus, anyone the DNC sticks in there to replace Bernie will set off a revolt.

I wonder if Bernie realizes that a lot of people are probably secreting praying for another heart attack. Of course they would argue that this would be unthinkable, unless they thought it might work.

All of the above is obviously absurd. But so is sitting back and watching Bernie and Pete battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. This is impossible to predict. We know it is beyond bad. Democrats know it is beyond bad. They have to be absolutely desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.

The real solution would be for Democrats to consider purchasing mirrors so they could see the true source of their problems. That is also the least likely solution.


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