The Democratic Party is literally having a meltdown. If you are a Democratic, you should have noticed all the red flag warnings. During the time when Obama was President, Democrats were being devastated in state elections. But, after this week, the Democratic Party is at high risk of a catastrophic wipe out in November.

The country changed dramatically during the 10 years after Obama was elected and it was the Democratic Party that declined and the Republican Party that soared. In 2008, according to Gallup, 29 states were solid DEM, 6 leaned DEM and 10 were competitive. Only 4 states were solid GOP and 1 state leaned GOP. By 2018 that had changed dramatically. Only 14 states were solid DEM, a drop of 15 states, 8 states leaned DEM and 10 were competitive. At the same time 13 states were now solid GOP and 5 leaned GOP.

There was also an enormous change in which party controlled state governments. The big change took place in 2011, after 3 years of Obama. In 2010 Democrats controlled 27 states and Republicans controlled 15 states. In 2011 that completely flipped. Democrats only controlled 15 states and Republicans controlled 27 states. Today, Democrats control 19 states and Republicans control 29 states.

This week, the Democratic leadership literally poured gas on their house fire. Actually it started last week. They stupidly forced Republicans to vote on the acquittal of President Trump AFTER the State of the Union address. Apparently they thought this would put the State of the Union address under a cloud. Instead the opposite happened. Trump hit it out of the park and today when Democrats, along with Mitt Romney, vote to convict President Trump they are the ones who will look silly and vindictive.

Monday night, the Democratic Party either could not or would not report on the results from Iowa. The result was a national embarrassment on national TV. At best, they look hopelessly incompetent. At worst, they look like they are plotting to do anything and everything to stop Bernie Sanders.

It is pretty obvious that at least some people knew the results Monday night. Pete Buttigieg clearly knew which is why he made his victory speech. Amy Klobuchar pretended she had done well while Biden and Warren looked like Deer in the headlights.

Now it is Wednesday and they still haven’t finished counting. Biden is already campaigning in New Hampshire, admitting he got hammered and trying to explain why he is still a viable candidate. If you have to explain why you are still relevant, you aren’t. Biden spent 29 days in Iowa during December, January and February, more than any other candidate, only to come in a distant 4th.

In the meantime Mike Bloomberg is spending a fortune on political ads obviously planning on buying the nomination. A lot of people are speculating about a brokered convention where the DNC establishment picks the candidate. If that happens, there is likely to be a civil war in the Democratic Party.

Then, Nancy Pelosi pulled a childish stunt that boggles the mind. She literally tore up the State of the Union Speech on national television. She looked and acted like a spoiled child. She also looked like someone who knew she had not only been defeated, she had been humiliated. She may have provided video that will result the ultimate “Agony of Defeat” political ad. This is so bad that few even pretend to defend her actions; instead they are trying to change the topic toward slamming Trump’s policies.

Many people already expected Democrats to suffer a humiliating defeat in November. House Democrats certainly believe that, which is why they voted to impeach Trump before having any actual evidence. The only Republican in the U.S. congress dumb enough to buy this charade was Mitt Romney. Whether he knows it or not, he has destroyed any chance of a political future.

But now Democrats have actually increased the speed in their race to the bottom. Now defeat in November not only looks more likely, this has the potential to literally tear the Democratic Party apart at the seams. John Kerry knows this, which is why he was desperately trying to build up Joe Biden and even hinted that he might consider a run.himself. Kerry was overheard saying that if Bernie Sanders was the nominee, he would take down the Democratic Party with him. Actually, it is worse than that. The party may actually suffer even more damage if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination.

That is the real lesson of Tuesday’s child, Nancy Pelosi. This is the face of a loser. A spoiled brat, who did not get her way, and can only scream and stamp her feet in fury. That is actually fun to watch, but it is a far cry of what should be expected by the Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency.

Unless someone of something intervenes, Democrats are fast waddling toward a catastrophic loss in November.


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