I still remember the “Spy vs Spy” cartoons in Mad Magazine when I was growing up.  One was dressed in white and the other in black, but otherwise they were identical. They were famous for playing dirty tricks on each other.

The impeachment trial is starting to look like a Spy vs Spy remake. Over the weekend, Democrats tried to pour gas on the impeachment fire with Lev Parnas. He has been spouting wild conspiracy nonsense on CNN and MSNBC and they have been lapping it up like a dog. The only thing certain is that anyone would be a fool to trust this guy. Before taking this too seriously, a lot of people knew about him last fall and even Adam Schiff wasn’t interested in interviewing him. When you fail to pass the smell test with Schiff, well, it doesn’t get any worse than that.

But Spy vs Spy taught us that two can play this game. Tomorrow, Sean Hannity is going to introduce a new book by Peter Schweizer. He is the one who wrote “Clinton Cash” about the Clinton Foundation. His new book is apparently over 1,000 pages and includes multiple sources. He allegedly details corruption by Joe Biden and a cast of thousands, including Harris, Warren, Sanders, Booker, Klobuchar, Garcetti and other Democrats. The usual suspects are trying, and failing, to stop this book from being released. It won’t work. Amazon is calling this the most anticipated non-fiction book ever. It has already hit #1 on Amazon, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

Normally the MSM would just ignore this book, as they did Clinton Cash. But, there’s the rub. You can’t go all ape over someone as pathetic as Lev Parnas and demand his narrative be included in the impeachment fiasco without opening the door for someone like Peter Schweizer.

I am taking his book, like other similar books with a huge grain of salt. As a rule of thumb, anything that seems too good (or bad, depending on your perspective) to be true, actually is unlikely to be true. The world is just never quite that neat.

This time the MSM cannot just ignore Peter Schweizer’s new book because their coverage of Lev Parnas made that impossible. This is the Senate, not the Schiff show, so one must consider what Parnas is saying, it will be impossible to avoid considering what Schweizer has to say. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who is more credible, although Schweizer does appear to have documented sources. What matters is that it is beyond obvious that the things Biden and his son Hunter did are at least worth investigating. If, there was reasonable cause to investigate these two, the impeachment trial is OVER.

Democrats entire case is built on the assumption that this was to help Trump win re-election. But that assumes Trump was afraid of Joe Biden as an opponent and that seems unlikely. One could argue that Joe Biden would be the perfect foil for Donald Trump next fall.

It is increasingly like that Democrats, like the stars in Spy vs Spy, have ended up only ensnaring themselves. They can’t afford to call the witnesses that Chuck Schumer pretends to want without letting Trump call people too. Democrats had the total playing field to themselves during the House investigation. If they couldn’t get it done there, why would anyone think it would be different in the Senate? Logically, any “new” information is far more likely to hurt Democrats than Trump. In addition, Schiff is about to be challenged by people who are ready, willing and able to take him on. So far, he has shown zero capacity to handle that kind of pressure. He has already been caught telling numerous lies and make outrageous charges with zero supporting evidence.

Remember this. Democrats get 24 hours over two days to make their case. This is likely to be their high-water mark. After that, things can only go down hill and my prediction is that the speed at which their case is destroyed will stun the world.


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