The leaders in Iran are learning something the hard way. As Abraham Lincoln said:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

A lot of the people in Iran, including State Media news anchors, suspected (knew) that the administration has been repeatedly lying to them for years. But the shoot down of that Ukrainian Airliner made it impossible to ignore this anymore. The problem is that the administration started out by denying that Iran had shot down that Ukrainian airliner. Then they got caught literally trying to bulldozer the evidence away. Finally, when the truth was too obvious to ignore, the administration admitted at least that yes, they had shot down that plane. It permanently exposed the administration as being untrustworthy.

Although the liberal media routinely accuses Trump of being a pathological liar, there is actually no evidence of that. The liberal left confuses gloating and exaggeration with lying. In reality every politician does some of this. The same people who accuse Trump of doing this routinely do the same thing themselves.

But now the Senate Trial is about to begin and there is a real potential that Democratic lies will be exposed in the worst possible way. This is guaranteed to be must-watch TV, at least during the first couple of days. For the first time, Republicans can and will fight back. This will be led by Jay Cipollono  and Jay Sekulow. Both are brilliant attorneys. None of the House Managers are remotely capable of competing with either of them. In addition, Democrats still have zero facts to back their accusations and in at least some cases, these are totally discredited.

One thing will soon become more than obvious. Either the people defending Trump are delusional and have been deliberately lying to us or the people attacking Trump are delusional and have been deliberately lying to us. There is no middle ground here. In addition, even if Trump’s accusers prove every single accusation, they still don’t have grounds for impeachment.

My prediction is that once this trial starts it is likely to be Democrats and liberal TV anchors desperately looking for an exit strategy. The most serious problem is that nothing Trump has done is even arguably a crime. Even if everything they said about him was true, it still wouldn’t be a crime.

We can be sure that a lot of people, like Joe diGenova and Rudy Giuliani were pushing Ukraine to investigate Biden. But there is an old saying, “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean people are not really out to get you.Just because people were investigating Joe Biden, does not mean he is not guilty of corruption.

This case is, finally, going to trial and people are sick and tired of the nonsense. It is time to tee it up. Either Schiff has the facts and he can make the case or he doesn’t. When you try to remove a President of the United States from office, you need to have your “Schiff” together. Does anyone really think that is remotely possible? There is only one person less qualified than Adam Schiff to take on this assignment and that is Jerrold Nadler.

Democrats should be terrified. I believe they are terrified. That is why their supporters in the MSM are desperately trying to litigate this case in the media. It is why Schumer and Pelosi are pleading for additional witnesses. It is why Cipollono and Sekulow are not bothering to talk to the press, or anyone else. They are preparing for trial. So is John Roberts, and he will definitely play this by the book. There is little evidence either Schiff or Nadler have even read the book.

We are about to experience a world changing event. We better all pray that truth and justice prevail, because the alternative is unspeakable.


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