I am ambivalent about the Royal Family in the first place. The Netflix series about them is interesting, but this is obviously a very British thing. I often wonder why all the bother. One of the problems is that each generation seems to produce another “royal” who turns out to be a royal pain in the butt.

Previously it was the Duke of Windsor, who married an American divorcee, renounced the Crown and then cuddled up with Hitler. There is even a documentary about that called the “Nazi King.” Nice.

Then we had Princess Margaret who led a challenging personal life. She also made the Hollywood tour with very similar results. Even Prince Charles generated a lot of grief with his marriage to and divorce from Princess Diana. In fact, until very recently, he seemed to be the worst possible choice to replace Queen Elizabeth.

Well Bonnie Prince Charles has been redeemed, by the lethal combination of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While they gladly live the life of royalty, funded by Prince Charles and taxpayers in the UK, they apparently feel somehow above it all. I guess this is what happens when you add in the obvious mental deficiencies from centuries of inbreeding with fresh delusional left wing progressive Hollywood elitism. They have elevated narcissism to a whole new level.

The result is actually fun to watch. Talk about a couple wanting to have it both ways, these clowns take the crown (pun intended). They desperately want the royal money, just none of the responsibilities that go with it. This, of course, is fueled by a MSM that glorifies people for being famous with little or no regard to accomplishment or even the hint of actual character. Sadly, they are likely to make more money, saying silly things to silly people for big bucks than they currently make for being a royal disaster. But at least we could do away with the “Your Royal Highness” crap. In addition, while royalty seems to last a life time, celebrity status does not.

There is also one thing about true royals. They are surrounded by pictures and memorials of dead people. More specifically dead Kings and Queens who also had the world at their feet, until a higher power pulled the plug. At some point, royalty turns out to be just as human as everyone else and they suffer the same fate.

Prince Charles, by the way, is starting to look good by comparison. He has threatened to cut Harry and Meghan off, just like he is cutting off other royal parasites. The result is that Britain will still have the Royal family, maybe, but at least there will be less of them. I am still stunned that Prince Charles has ended up being one of the more rational and reasonable members of the Royal family. If only someone explained the truth about the global warming myth so he can cut down on using precious jet fuel to attend celebrity endorsed climate change group hugs.

In most countries, royalty not only ends up on the street, in places like Russia and France they end up dead. At some point the UK will follow a similar path and the royal family would be wise to develop an exit strategy that avoids a similar fate. Queen Elizabeth clearly knows that. So does Prince Charles and Prince William. Prince Harry, not so much. I wonder, has anyone ever asked for DNA test to see if Prince Charles is even the dad? It is bad enough to be done in by a royal pain in the butt, but to be done in by a royal imposter would definitely be worse.


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