Chuck Todd is one of the most self-righteous and arrogant people on television. He is also ignorant and hopelessly naïve. Now he considers anyone who votes for Trump as believing in Fairy tales and he is particularly scornful of anyone who believes in Noah’s ark.

I have one simple question for Chuck Todd. “What is your explanation for the world you see around you?” If you tell me you believe in real science and evolution, you will merely be exposing your own ignorance. The story of Noah is not a scientific journal. But it is a better explanation for the world we see than the idiotic theories published in scientific journals.

There are, sadly, a lot of people who believe in things that are obviously not true. No theory explaining this world that relies only on randomness works. The following article unintentionally, points out the problem:

“Yet, many investigators are trying to identify even the slightest trace of natural selection using various statistical methods (). Using these methods, a number of authors have reported that a substantial proportion of amino acid substitutions are caused by positive Darwinian selection (). However, the statistical methods used are based on many assumptions, which are not necessarily satisfied with actual data.”

In other words, it is people like Chuck Todd, with challenged intellectual capacity, incapable of seeing the world around them who believe in fairy tales. Only your fairy tales are based on an irrational belief in a series of miraculous accidents occurring randomly over billions of years that somehow miraculously fall into a discernible pattern obvious to everyone who is paying attention. The one thing scientists agree on is that none of this is even mathematically possible.

Romans 1:22. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”


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