It is obvious that many Democrats voting to impeach Donald Trump know they have no case. They know there is no chance he will be removed from office. That isn’t even close. They are voting to smear him with the label as being one of only three Presidents to be impeached. They believe this will discredit his presidency for eternity. They are very wrong. Instead this will be a permanent stain on the 2019-2020 House of Representatives. They will be treated similarly to the Chicago White Sox who threw away a World Series. That team is now known as the Black Sox and none of the players ever participating were able to recover. The stain of history will be on them, not Donald Trump.

John Solomon is reporting that he has bank records proving that Latvia noticed suspicious financial transactions during 2016 involving Hunter Biden. They wrote a letter to Ukraine asking them to investigate. Solomon apparently has documents, witness statements and bank records supporting this. If Democrats had only waited a few days, this would have all come out. It changes everything. How on earth can one justify impeaching a President for investigating a real crime? That is beyond absurd. The only reason this is not already public is that Democrats knew that if they subpoenaed Giuliani, that would have been appealed and it might not be resolved before June. Democrats were desperate to get this done before Christmas. They clearly were afraid of a real trial, which is why Republicans were not allowed to call ANY witnesses. Now, like lemmings, they are herding together to go off the cliff into infamy. There isn’t a parachute in sight.

One of the legal consultants for the House recommended voting to impeach, and then voting to delay sending the request for a trial to the Senate. In effect the House would be voting to impeach, but then declaring Trump assumed guilty with no need for an actual trial. That would be doubling down on stupidity. It would be trying to have your cake and eat it too, only in this case, without any actual cake.

Either way, there is unlikely to be a lengthy trial in the Senate. Democrats will give their opening statement. That will be followed with a motion by the President’s team to dismiss for lack of evidence. Once Democrats vote to approve Articles of Impeachment, they are limited to the evidence they have at the time of the vote. They don’t have any evidence. They is why Chuck Schumer tried to intimidate Mitch McConnell into calling  witnesses. McConnell did not take the bait. Odds are very high that this vote to dismiss will pass. Even Mitt Romney will have trouble voting to hold a trial based on no evidence. In addition, no Senator wants to spend several weeks being distracted by a trial where there is zero doubt regarding the outcome. Even Senators who are never-Trumpers and hate him are unlikely to want a Senate impeachment trial.

That is assuming no additional facts become public between now and the January session of the Senate. But there will be additional facts. The only reason these may not come out is if Republicans ask for the delay. They have already won, and they don’t want to risk anything that would rock the boat. They may ask Rudy to hold his fire until after the Senate “trial.”

At some point, Rudy will produce his evidence and it is even possible that Joe Biden will be indicted. Lindsey Graham may call Rudy to testify, right after the Impeachment Articles are defeated in the Senate. Unless Rudy and John Solomon are delusional, they have documented evidence of Biden extorting the Ukraine and his son receiving $millions in compensation. It is exactly that kind of fact pattern that usually results in a conviction for bribery. Watch for Joe Biden to develop an unexpected illness, like that demonstrated by Harvey Weinstein requiring him to use a walker, when anyone is looking. The usual suspects will spin, scream and holler, as they do now, but if Giuliani and Solomon have documents, witness statements, and bank records, as they claim, the evidence will be overwhelming.

In summary, if there are no new developments, these ridiculous Articles of Impeachment are doomed to a quick defeat in the Senate. The only question is how long this will take. But if there are new developments, they are almost certain to be more damaging to Democrats than Republicans. We haven’t seen this level of mass insanity since James Jones convinced his followers to drink lethal Kool-Aid. Actually, those people in Guyana didn’t drink poisoned Kool-Aid. What they did was much worse. They drank barely flavored cyanide. They knew they were taking poison that would kill them and their children. 918 people died. One third of them were children. History was not kind to them.


History won’t be kind to the 2019-2020 House of Representatives either.


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